You need Eyedews!

Even if you just use it as an excuse to lay back and rest for 20 minutes!

I’m going to dedicate this week to Eye’s.  40 is creeping up fast and they first place it’s starting to show is around my eyes!  I am terrified, so I’m on a quest to stop the aging processes.

Last Friday I was brave enough to video tap myself reviewing Eyedews.  This means you’re going to see me with out make up, bad lighting, sun spots and all.  Be kind on me people!



Want to try them out for yourself? Through the month of August, if you purchase a 12 pair pack of eyedews, you can get 3 pairs for free if you simply mention the word BLOGHER in the comments of your order.  You can purchase them here.

Again, Thank you so much SurferWife for the Eyedews! I’m addicted.