Working Out? Who has time!

Tracy1Feed the kids … check!

Pack their lunch … check!

Off to school … check!

Why is it that everything we do revolves around our kids?!  Well, that’s just life.  As Mommies we need to take time for ourselves too or we just won’t have the energy for all those practices and games and after school/weekend events we must attend with our kids!  One way to take care of yourself and increase your energy at the same time is exercise.  I know that’s a bad word in some households!  But it’s true.  Adding a fitness routine into your day has countless benefits:  increased energy, better sleep habits, improved metabolism, lower blood pressure, decreased risk for several diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer.

How am I possibly going to fit exercise into an already busy day?!  Easy … make a checklist!  You have a check list for the kids, the groceries, the bills, why not your fitness as well??  For important health benefits the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 150 minutes of  moderate intensity aerobic activity every week.  150 minutes a week sounds like a lot but you can break it down.  10 minutes at a time is fine!  Take a 10 minute walk, ride a bike, mow the lawn, chase the kids … yes, those are all aerobic activities!!  And trust me, 10 minutes here and there certainly adds up fast!!  The CDC also recommends strength training 2 or more days per week working all the major muscle groups.  So does that mean you have to spend time at the gym?  Nope!  Again … you can make a checklist and get strength training done throughout your day.  Here are just a few ideas:

  • calf raises in the shower
  • squats while brushing your teeth
  • abductor leg raises while doing the dishes
  • shoulder press or biceps curls putting groceries away
  • crunches on the floor while reading or playing with the baby

These may sound funny but it’s an easy way to start including strength training in your day and improve your health!  Watch for more exercise ideas and a full body ‘checklist’ for some at home strength training coming soon!!