Win an MG Handheld & Save Your Child’s Innocence

Do you wake up every morning and think to yourself, “I can’t wait to let little Timmy use my smart phone today?” If so, discontinue reading now. This post is a waste of your time.

I despise sharing my phone with the kids. D-E-S-P-I-S-E. Mine. Mine. Mine. But? Sadly, I do because it’s better than listening to their non stop questions about the meaning of life or the three of them punching each other’s lights out. So? I give in.

Recently, while Colt was playing some whale flying through the clouds game on my phone, my husband text me something a little, well, husbandlike. “Momma, what does b-o-o-b-s spell?” I did a yoga move into the back seat that would impress the Dalai Lama and quickly snagged the phone out of his hands.

“Stupid autocorrect,” I said, “Papa was spelling dudes. He said he can’t wait to play with you dudes when we get home.”

“Stupid is a bad word momma,” Colt said.

“Yes Colt it is,” I responded, “It sure is.”

And that is when I decided it would be best to NEVER share my phone with the kids again. EVER.

Coincidentally I got a call the very next day and the voice on the other end said, “Do you share your smart phone with your kids?”

“Ummmm, is this CPS?” I whispered looking around panicked. “I swear this is all a big misunderstanding.”

Turns out it wasn’t CPS at all. It was MG. WAY different.

After hearing all of the details about their fabulous handheld:

1. The MG provides monthly reporting of the apps your kid have used, how much time they spent using it and how much money they spent buying said apps. (Incidentally, this one comes with a prepaid $10.00 debit card from Bill My Parents.)

2. There is no monthly service fee because the product can only be used in a wi-fi situation. (If you have a hotspot on your own smart phone they can use that while you are in the car. If not, there are plenty of apps that once downloaded can be used without internet access.)

3. Google Play has thousands of apps.

4. They can download music and even movies from Netflix.

5. It has a headset jack so you don’t have to hear those screaming Angry Birds.

6. The Gorilla Glass screen is nearly impossible to break.

I got one for my children (the two without a smart phone because we don’t do smart phones until 16). And then I thought, I bet my bottom dollar my readers hate sharing their phones as much as I do. So? I got one to giveaway too.

Leave a comment below (you may only enter once) and you are registered to save the innocence of your children by winning an MG for them.

The giveaway closes on December 17th at midnight. The randomly chosen winner will be announced on the 18th. Your kids will be so excited to open this on Christmas morning. You get your phone back and get to be a hero at the same time. Winner winner chicken dinner.

If you don’t win this one you can purchase one on Amazon. If you want to to stay up to date on MG products follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter.

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