Why can't people just follow the dang rules?

After a weekend of traveling, I’m beginning to think that my husband and I shouldn’t be so concerned about teaching our daughter manners.  It sure doesn’t seem like anyone else has manners anymore.

Last Friday was the day I’d been looking forward to for months.  My girl get away weekend had finally arrived! I was so excited that even the thought of a 3 hour layover seemed like fun.  Having to check my bag at the gate because the flight was too full didn’t bother me.  Being one of the last passengers to board the flight didn’t bother me.  I was more than happy to change seats with someone who preferred a window seat. I would have appreciated a Thank You from this woman, but I guess she deserved that window more than I did.   Watching people ignore the easy to follow rules and the out right rudeness was starting to get to me.

While waiting for our flight, I had the same 2 boys ram, step, push or knock into me at least 4 times. The mother looked at me, smiled, laughed, and said “Oh sorry.  Boys calm down.”  UM NO!  Correct your boys like you mean it!

When they asked for families with young children and those who have difficulty boarding to board the plane.   I kid you not a gentleman ran up to the gate and then started to limp toward the ticket counter.  Yes, they let him on early.

The people who got in line with Zone 1 even though their ticket said Zone 3; you did nothing but hold up the line for the rest of us.

The people who put your purses up in the over head even though they would easily sit below the seat in front of you.  Leave the rest of us some room please!

The people who lay their seats back the minute the flight attendant isn’t looking.  Hey as long as you’re comfortable, don’t worry about me.

The people who don’t turn off their phones and computers when told to.  I know it’s an annoying rule, but come on!

On my layover I decided to go grab a drink and some lunch.  I opened up my laptop and thought I might get some work done as well.  After the waitress took my order she proceeded over to the waitress station, 6 feet from where I was sitting, and told the other waitress “I hate it when people order just a drink and then open their laptops.  That means she’s going to sit there taking up a table in my section and not tip me.”   Um, HELLO, I can hear you!

To all those who don’t feel the need to follow rules (my husband included) and those who feel its ok to just be rude, I ask why.  What makes you so much more important than the rest of us? I know that the airport might not be your favorite place to be, but we’re all in the same situation!  I understand that being a waitress might not be your dream job, but I didn’t force you into your job. Why take it out on the rest of us?

I am a rule follower.  I love rules.  I believe rules create structure and make life easier for everyone!  There are rules I don’t agree with, but when I’m in public I still follow them.  I hate the idea that I might inconvenience someone else or that someone might feel put out because of me.  I just don’t understand why some people feel its ok to just ignore the rules.

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  1. Katie says

    This is one of my greatest pet peeves – people that have no traveling etiquette and I'm sad to say most of the people I've run into that don't are Americans. It's embarassing.

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