Want To Stop Your Teens From Texting and Driving?

Last week, in a six hour span, this happened.

My oldest son and I exchanged several texts and then within seconds he drove up the driveway. I was speechless. We had a long conversation, watched some videos on death and texting destruction and he swore he wouldn’t do it again. And? He is a teenager, he thinks he’s invincible and I knew he would do it again.

Eleven teen deaths happen everyday from texting and drivng – Ins. Institute for Hwy Safety Fatality Facts

Hours later we were on our way back from a lacrosse game. My husband and I left in our car about five minutes before he and his brother. About 20 minutes into the drive a very familiar looking car went speeding by us.

“Oh my f%*K,” I shouted to my husband. “Was that our child?”

Why yes…yes it was our child.

My husband hit the gas so we could catch up to them and I text my son who was a passenger in the car, “Tell Keenan to slow his a** down right now.” Then watched as the brakes were slammed on ahead of me.

I know…my mouth is atrocious in crisis.

That night, my son and I had another conversation where I used words like, disapointed, reckless, disregard for safety and well being of himself and others and I reminded him of what my life would look like if something happened to him and then I went to bed and didn’t sleep all night because I knew one thing for sure. This wouldn’t be the last time.

Teen Driving Deaths are an Epidemic

My husband insisted we just take everything away from him. And? While tempting, it wouldn’t solve the problem, only provide a temporary fix.

So I got out my computer and started doing some research. The solution for me was to help him learn to better navigate the waters and the only way to do that was to be armed…WITH AN APP.

My son has an iPhone which made it a fairly exhausting process. With an Android there are many options. Apple does not allow any app to access texts therefore there is not a product on the market (in my research, feel free to correct me below if you have found one) that can tell you when your child is texting and driving.

However, The Canary Project comes pretty close. It is an amazing app and I am LOVING it’s reporting and the awareness it is bringing to both myself and my son. While it can’t detect an actual text, it can detect when your child unlocks his or her phone thus letting you know when they are driving and using their phone. The key here is that you need to make sure the kids have a password on their iPhone, you know, to protect it from strangers. *wink wink* The Canary Project also has a GPS system, so when they say they are going to be someplace, you can make sure they are.

Texting and driving is the same as driving blind for 5 seconds at a time – VA. Tech Transportation Institute

It’s easy to install. You simply download the app on your phone and then on your child’s. Once on your child’s phone, you will set up a password so they can’t open or remove the app. It looks like this when they try >>

Prevent Texting and Driving


The first couple of days I received reports like this…

Stop Your Teens From Texting and Driving

That call infraction was from me…

*ring ring ring*

Him: Yeah? (in his grouchiest most annoyed voice)

Me: That’s a nice way to answer your mom’s call.

Him: Well you told me I couldn’t use the phone when I’m driving and you’re calling me.

Me: Wait, are you driving?

Him: YES.

Me: Then why did you answer your phone?

Him: Because it’s you.

*face palm*

The good news is that the updates are no longer coming my way because he has been infraction free.

Get the Canary Project app or one similar to it. Our teens clearly need it. And if you think your child is the exception, I sincerely hope you are right, but the numbers say you aren’t.

This is not a paid post. In fact, The Canary Project has no idea who I am. But I am SO VERY grateful to know who they are.

Keenan’s First Driving Lesson


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