Using Facebook to Rant

How One Dad Taught His Daughter A Valuable Internet Lesson

Yesterday I came across the video below on the fabulously Rated R site Pajamas and Coffee. Please take the time to watch it before you read this post. It’s a bit long, but very interesting.

This is the equivalent of an internet arse whipping by dad. I can’t imagine how horrified she was when she started hearing from her friends. “Ummm, Hannah, you might want to see this…” With every passing second of his smoking, seething rant, she must have sunk deeper and deeper into humiliation. I am now grateful my arse whippings (all deserved) happened in the privacy of my own home.

While I don’t agree with his tactics, he is teaching his daughter a very valuable lesson.  Yes, this little girl needed a reality check. One I fear most of our teens need these days. Her life isn’t horrible. Her life is wonderful. She has a roof over her head, parents who love her, she gets to go to school every day and receive an education, she gets to eat and has clothes to wear. Pay her? Oh she is getting paid all right. To the tune of rent, food, transportation, computers, phones, etc. But that isn’t the real lesson.

A couple of her statements gave me a good laugh. Not because they are funny per se, but more because they are so very classic teenager. 

“We have a cleaning lady and her name is Linda, not Hannah.” My own have said something similar. The appropriate discipline to this statement is to give your housekeeper a paid day off and allow your teen to fill in. Very effective. Teenagers are by design unappreciative and ungrateful. We aren’t going to change that.

“When you are old and need someone to wipe your ass…” Ouch. It sounds harsh and hateful, but who didn’t think those things about their parents? I used to shove my face into my pillow and tell my parents exactly what I thought of them. I didn’t mean most of it and by the time I was finished with my tantrum I was over it. The best part? My pillow never told a soul.

And that, right there, is the rub. It isn’t that she is an ungrateful, potty mouthed, entitled jerk. All teens are. It’s their job. The problem here is that what used to be private is now very public and teenagers are relentlessly stupid when it comes to understanding that. They can’t help it. Their brains are not wired in such a way to understand the affects of making every aspect of their life public. 

Take sexting. It’s a FEDERAL OFFENSE. Yet, my guess is that at least 15 naked photos have been sent in the time it has taken me to write this sentence. How about using profanity on the internet. My kids know I have their passwords. They know I am watching. They know colleges are watching. And still almost twice a week I am forcing them to erase something from their wall. I see it in all of their friends’ Facebook posts too. It makes me want to beat my head against the wall. Often.

I don’t agree with this man’s tactics. BUT? They will teach his little girl a very valuable lesson. It isn’t to be to be grateful for the roof over her head or the clothes on her back or that she has it way easier than her dad who apparently walked two miles to school uphill both ways in four feet of snow with no shoes on while studying for both high school and college. That is not the lesson here. She is a teenager and that gratitude won’t kick in until she is on her own and paying for life herself. 

The lesson Hannah learned here is the power of the internet. If she ever does get that computer back I would bet my bottom dollar she will carefully choose her words.