Tim Tebow: A good example or a turnoff?

Whether you are a football fan or just a follower of the news it is unlikely you don’t know the name Tim Tebow and you don’t know that he is devout in his religious beliefs. He prays consistently throughout every game. He gives thanks to his Lord and Saviour in every interview. 

I am going to be very honest here and tell you that his sideline prayers and constant waxing poetic about religion makes me uneasy. As my middle son said after listening to our Pastor’s over the top evangelistic Christmas service last year, “Is he trying to convince us or himself.” A very interesting question for a teenager trying to find his religious base.

Last week my husband and I got into a spirited debate after watching Tebow run in a touchdown and then drop to his knees in prayers. My husband is far more religious than I. He was raised in the Catholic church by very religious parents and he is a big fan of Tebow and his faith. 

I was raised in a Catholic family as well, just not the kind that attended church. My prayers of childhood consisted less of thank you for a fabulous day and more of, “If I just make it through one more drunken car ride”…

My grandmother, a not so religious woman until near the end of her life (interesting how that works itself out) was a role model to me. She taught me that you cry in private, you pray in private and for the love of all that is holy in this world, politics are of the utmost of all private topics. I adhere to her beliefs. 

I am a religious person. I believe in God. I pray every night in gratitude for all that I have. I pray for the next day and no further because I believe that God wants you to come back to him often and stay in a place of gratitude. I do not discuss my political beliefs with even the closest of friends and you will probably NEVER EVER see me cry. These three topics, life the father, son and holy spirit are to me, private.

Now. Here is where it gets tricky. I judge Tim Tebow for his overt religious behavior. But? If there was a camera on me prior to every game my boys play, you would see me with my eyes closed praying for their safety. Each time one of them goes down on the field you would see me utter something along the lines of “Dear God please let them get up and walk off that field.” After the game, you will find me whispering a quick prayer of gratitude for their safety.

The difference between Tebow and myself is that I do it quietly and privately. As I stated above, I believe religion to be something coveted and private. He clearly believes it is something you make the world a part of. 

Why do Tim Tebow’s religious beliefs and his overt actions of faith make for such a controversial topic? Why does it turn so many off?  Those before him and after will be as devout as he is to God and Jesus Christ. Is it that, for the most part, the others are more subtle in their devotion? A quick point to the perceived heavens above or a quick drop to the knee. Should we fault him his tireless and undying belief that everything in his life is run by Christ? 

Do you champion Tim Tebow’s behavior on the sidelines or do you find it a turnoff?