Celebrate Thanksgiving Together with Avid's Pinnacle Studio

The holidays are here! Woo Hoo!  The problem is we all know that the airfares are going up up up up.   You can always talk to them on the phone, but it’s just not the same as seeing their beautiful faces. So the next best thing, Video!!!  How about wishing Grandma and Grandpa hello […]


Dreaming of a drop top

My husband drives a sports car. I drive the family car. Now don’t get me wrong. I love my car. It’s nicer than any car my parents ever had growing up. It’s a beautiful car. But it’s still the family car. Rather than driving around in the convertible I’ve always dreamed of, I drive around […]

bakers choc


I admit it. And this holiday season will more than likely be no exception. I think we all do at one time or another. Buy a dozen cookies from the local baker, take them out of the plastic container they came in and place them on your own plate and wrap with cellophane. Take it […]

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Holiday Decorations

So last month I was flipping through a catalog (I think Ballard Designs though I can’t find it now) and came upon these super cute blocks that spelled out “Let It Snow”.   Here’s the problem, it was $75!!!  I’m not the world most frugal shopper, but $75 for 11 blocks.  Come on! I was […]


Botox, “fillers” and scalpels, oh my

(think Lions, and tigers and bears from Wizard of Oz)! Who ever knew that in the “war” against aging, so many of us would be willing to plunk down a respectable chunk of change on winning how ever many small “battles” we could?  Despite the recession, or perhaps in spite of the recession, people are […]


Mommies Holiday Toy Guide

It’s no secret that being a mom is a hard job.  Shopping for the holidays is also no easy job.  This year with the help of our favorite toy store Geppetto’s, San Diego’s neighborhood toy store, we’ve come up with some hot toys for this Holiday Season. Hopefully, we’ll save you a little time and some […]


My Big, Fat, American Thanksgivings

I grew up in a BIG Mexican-American family. And we did everything BIG. Especially holidays. And ESPECIALLY Thanksgiving. It was probably our biggest and most difficult-to-navigate holiday. Christmas was easy: Christmas eve with Dad’s side of the family and Christmas Day with Mom’s side. But Thanksgiving was a NATIONAL holiday. A day to celebrate alongside […]


Michael Stars Cozy Chic

I’ve talked about my Michael Stars addiction many many many times here at Rock On Mommies. Recently I did a TV appearance on a local morning show here in San Diego.  Even then I had on Michael Stars Shine Off The Shoulder Top. Now that the cold weather is blowing in and the holidays are just […]


Ellie's newest addiction – Strawberry Shortcake App

Just a real quick post today. The amazing creators over at Soma Creates asked me to try out the Strawberry Shortcake iPhone app. This is probably the easiest review I’ve ever done. My soon to be 4 year old is addicted!  She loves it!!! Normally when she wakes up she’ll ask for my iPad or […]

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What I did

So did you all read that Ellie (or I, I’m still not sure who did it) stole a game from Borders? If a friend had come to me to tell me that this happened to them I’m pretty sure I’d tell them they should return it or pay for it.  I’m going to be honest, […]