Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards truly a class act!

While I was celebrating my daughter’s 4th birthday yesterday, Elizabeth Edwards passed away.  This mornings post is in her memory.  She always carried herself with enormous grace and dignity. I pray that shes’s finally at peace.


My Christmas Cocktail ~ Nutella Butter Dream

There’s just something about Christmas and the holidays that turn on my cravings for a yummy and sweet cocktail. There’s also something about Christmas and winter that makes me whip up tons of delicious goodies with Nutella. So this year as I was circling the isles at the liqueur store, and stumbled across a bottle […]


Day 3 – An Heirloom

No you don’t have to start searching through you Grandmother attic or shopping at Estate Sales nor do you  have to spend thousands of dollars.  How about a new Heirloom? 1. I’ve always wanted a great locket to put our wedding picture in and a picture of Ellie as a toddler.  I can imagine handing […]


Day 2 – The gift of relaxation

Ok, Hubbies so yesterday we talked about giving your wife the gift of time.   We can use a little extra time. How about the gift of relaxation. Just a few quiet hours alone.  No kids, no phone calls, no computer, you don’t even have to talk if you don’t want to.  aaaahhhhh, I’m already […]


Day 1 – The Gift Of Time

Alright guys, it’s that time of year again.  No need to stress out though.  Rock On Mommies is here to help you out Let me start out with a few quick tips. 1. Do not buy your wife an appliance for Christmas! Ok, there are a couple exceptions to this rule.  If your wife asked for […]

Back Camera

Garlic-Roasted Chicken

It’s the Holidays, the time of year where I get sappy. Ok, I’m always sappy, but during the holidays I get extra sappy. Most of my side family lives on the other side of the country, 3000 miles away.  That pretty much make me the left coast Hissong. When we were growing up we moved […]


What was on your Thanksgiving table?

I love that so many of us can celebrate the same holiday, and some of the dishes we eat are the same and some are completely different. I have a friend who’s family makes a huge pork dinner for Thanksgiving, along with empanada’s, and some of the best flan I have ever had. Another long […]


Avoid Fashion Disasters during the Holidays

Whether its those slippery bras straps or shirts that reveal a little too much at the office part, apparel tape can stop that.  Go-Girl products have dozens of fashion disaster rescues.  This is a must for the holiday season. Rid your clothes of smudges with our dry polyfoam Smudge-Sponge™. No more wet washcloths. Our square […]

finished product

Happy, Crafty Thanksgiving!

I grew up in a pretty crafty household. My dad was an interior designer (like me) and my mom was a public school teacher with some seriously mad sewing skills. Since we had such a large family and money was often tight, they frequently made their holiday presents. My sister and I always enjoyed helping […]

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Glitter Cookie Balls

This recipe was inspired by this years Martha Stewart Holiday Cookie Magazine. I thought they were super pretty and they were really good! so I gave my little twist to them. No matter which Holiday you celebrate (or if you like me, you celebrate 2 holidays in december) you can change color to coordinate with your colors. […]