The San Diego Zoo: A Must Visit!

Since Colt was born I have been packing the car up and heading down to the San Diego Zoo. When he was a baby, it was more for me. A great source of exercise in a beautiful environment and he would enjoy watching the animals as I strolled puffing along up and down the gorgeous hills. As he got older I spent my time not pushing but chasing as he ran from animal to animal with glee. I have literally watched him grow up in the zoo. This photo below tells the story. He was two on the left and is seven now.

San Diego Zoo - A MUST vist!

Recently Colt and I were invited to visit the new Australian Outback exhibit featuring none other than the beautiful koala bears at the San Diego Zoo. We were thrilled. I have always enjoyed seeing the koalas and but felt like the zoo needed to give them more of a featured position and that they did.  You can take a peek with this live Koala cam.

The San Diego Zoo - A MUST see!

We loved the koalas and spent quite a bit of time enjoying the new exhibit, then we moved on to see some of our other favorites. The Elephant Odyssey is one of our favorite parts of the zoo. Colt especially loves Fossil Portal. We have spent a LOT of time watching the “tar” rise and fall. The giraffes are always a crowd pleaser (especially when there are babies) and it just wouldn’t be a trip to the zoo without visiting the rhinos. 

The San Diego Zoo - A MUST see!

Colt is a HUGE fan of the birds. And? This guy made him an even bigger fan. There are many bird exhibits all over the San Diego Zoo. You don’t have to seek them out, they serve as your passage way from exhibit to exhibit.

The San Diego Zoo - A MUST see!

This is the just the tip of the iceberg. Which reminds me, the Polar Bears are my absolute favorite. If you are lucky enough to catch them in action, it is a site you won’t soon forget.

There is so much to see at the San Diego Zoo. If you aren’t looking for exercise, take the bus around the park. You can get off and on at various stops and walk small distances to all exhibits in that area. We have done this when we had limited time at the zoo and it is a super fun way to travel about.

And? If you are nocturnal? Be sure to visit the zoo at night for Koalafornia Dreamin’ Nighttime Zoo.

Next time you visit southern California make sure you put the San Diego Zoo at the top of your list. For hours and directions and to buy tickets.