Thanks to the Dailey Method in Carlsbad…

I’m about to show you a part of my body that no one has ever seen!


That’s right, that is an arm muscle!  You may not think that it’s impressive, but for someone who is 7 months pregnant and has never had a single muscle in her arms it’s down right amazing!!!

Now that my belly is growing everyday, it’s hard to see muscle definition in my tummy.  So this arm muscle and my slowly returning leg muscles are all I have to keep me going.  That and the fear of never being able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.

4 to 5 days a week you can finding me at The Dailey Method in Carlsbad fighting to keep in some sort of shape before I have this baby.   My goal is to make it to the middle of June. Not only do the amazing instructors at The Dailey Method modified the workout for me along the way, but they always watching to make sure I’m doing them right.  Trust me, they watch everyone.  They’re going to insure that you get a workout even if your pregnant or have an injury.

I have a couple of pieces of advice for those just starting out.

Yes, it’s going to be the longest hour of your life, but that won’t last forever.  Make sure you go at least 2 to 3 days in a row.  This way you don’t give yourself a chance to talk yourself out it.

After 2 weeks, it becomes addictive!  I know that sounds crazy, but I promise you’ll feel like you’re missing something if you don’t go.

Last but not least, like with any kind of workout routine, you will not follow through until you make it a priority.  Make it a priority and it will change your life.

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