teaching my teen to drive or i lost five years of my life

This Sunday I took my oldest out for his very first driving lesson. I couldn’t unleash him on a driving instructor without at least a little bit of instruction. That wisdom? Stupid. His driving insructor owes me. Big. Time. I will accept diamonds or college tuition as payment.

Disclaimer: My boys are now teens. I ask them before I publish ANYTHING about them. Keenan gave me permission to publish this. Mostly because? I am the one who comes off crazy. Not him.


  1. Linda Boyles Fitzgerald says

    OMGosh!!! Too cute! He is cute, you are cute! LMAO at your inserts!!Thanks for sharing this! Keenan is so handsome…please tell him "Thanks" for letting us ride along! I hope this is a continuing series! :-) My "LO" just got his Learner’s Permit yesterday! Enjoy the RIDE!! :-)

  2. says

    This video is absolutely hysterical! First of all…could his voice be LOWER?! Also, he is so handsome! I can’t even imagine the skanky girls hanging around your house! I can’t believe that I get to look forward to this in just a couple of years. So not ready!

  3. says

    How bad is it that the VERY FIRST THOUGHT that popped into my head as the video started was "Where is his damn seat belt?!" 30 years ago my father beat it into my head that the car does not turn on without all passengers buckled up and it has stuck with me so much that I still do that – even to my adult friends who are not quite as good about that (IOW, watch out if you ever ride with me because the seat belt police will get you!)

    I do applaud him for noticing the coyote – he was clearly paying attention and scanning his surroundings (in between looking in the camera of course!)

    Why was I so shocked at his low voice? But, I was. And oh, I also loved the multiple hair flips ;-)

    Stay strong mama – and keep the vodka handy at all times!!

  4. says

    I remember teaching my MUCH younger siblings how to drive a stick. They ruined my clutch which I then insisted my Dad replace. Thanks Dad. Fast forward MANY years and now I will be teaching my husband how to drive a stick.Not that we have a 5 speed vehicle, I just think it’s unmanly that he doesn’t know how.
    THAT will be interesting.

  5. onegirlideas says

    My son got his permit this summer and took behind the wheel in December. I am very lucky though and was not nervous at all the first time I handed him the keys. He has been "driving" since he was about 3. And when I say Driving- I mean driving not a car but snowmobiles,s 4wheeler, bobcats, dirt-bikes, go carts and at 3 he had his first power-wheels. But he does have the same attitude-must be the age ;-) When he was young my friends would ask me why I let him drive these things, my answer was "cuz when he’s 16 I wont be nervous"

  6. Mary Baschoff McCarthy says

    HYSTERICAL!!! Seriously? A fucking COYOTE?!?!?!?!? WTF, cowgirl?!?
    This is hilarious. FANTASTIC job.

    Anddd I wish I’d had a video of Sarah when, after getting her driver’s license LAST FRIDAY, she HIT A POLE on Thursday. I made her a someecard to celebrate- check my Facebook page ;)

    Nice work, instructor! ;)

  7. Mike K says

    pretty funny. where did you take him for this lesson, yellowstone national park? you know he’s a rookie (or woman) because when he backs up he looks over his shoulder instead of using the mirrors. also enjoyed that he kept rolling as he put on the seatbelt. thanks for posting.

  8. Victoria Landingham says

    I am guessing Mike K is a Driving instructor? Really dude? Her son is going to read this and I am sure he will NOT let her video the next outing after your remarks! He did a great job considering there was a CAMERA in his face and his mom was the co-pilate the first time he drove!

    Thanks for spoiling the fun of TEST DRIVE TWO

    ps not even going there on the (or woman) comment …

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