It's time for some Juiceology!

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So on to my next healthy find.  I drink water, but let’s be honest.  That can get a bit boring. There are times I just crave flavor, I crave juice!  Problem is, most juice has to much sugar and this whole pregnancy thing has thrown a whole new aspect into the sugar issue.  With only 98 calories,…

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Almost 40 and it's time to get Bear Naked!

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Let’s face it, my 30’s are quickly fading.  While I’m looking forward to diving into my 40’s, part of me is a little sad to let go of the decade where I finally became comfortable in my own skin.  Now that 40 is knocking on my door I’m noticing that I can’t eat the way…

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Journey to Forty

I can not believe in a short 9 month I will be saying goodbye to my 30’s and hello to my 40’s!  I am beyond freaked out!  I have more wrinkles than ever before which I think freaks me out more than anything else!   Follow my Journey by following me on Twitter, My Life…

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