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Burn Bright Dailey at The Dailey Method

Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by The Dailey Method but the sweat and curse words are our own.  The Holidays are over and we wish we could say that all we had to lose was holiday weight.  The last year of moving, renovations (Stefanie is still without a working stove) and of course that baby…

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Helping You Get Organized in the New Year


How many times have you made the New Years Resolution to get organized? Every single year millions of us say that we’re going to finally get organized. Even though we start out with good intentions many of us quickly become overwhelmed and give up.  This year stop putting so much pressure on yourself, take baby steps and…

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Have you stuck to your New Years Resolution? #vlogmoms


A group of amazing bloggers have decided to get together and do a weekly vlog (video blogging) prompt.  Every week we’ll have a new topic and include a linky so your can see what all these amazing Blogger have to say. This week, we’re talking New Years Resolutions! Do you want to join the VlogMoms?…

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New Years Resolutions Thursdays 10:30 ET and 7:30 PT This week we’ll be talking about New Year’s Resolutions.  We’ll also have a few give aways! Most of us make them and 92% of us don’t keep them.  We all know what I’m talking about, the ever popular New Year’s Resolution! We’ll be adding more Bloggers as then…

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