Week 5

Going into Week 3 we have a 3 way tie. Come on Mommies! Week 5 Theresa Julie Tracy Jennifer Rebecca Rachael Wendy SUN, Oct.  11th Standings 29 – 17 30 – 14 29 – 17 29 – 17 26 -20 29 – 17 31 -15 Cleveland vs. Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Cleveland Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo…

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How to help kids at school without overparenting

As kids head back to school, familiar problems have a way of emerging. How are you going to react to their first conflict with teachers, fight with their friends, panic about an upcoming test, or team tryout?

Will you be too hot, too cold or just right, like the porridge in Goldilocks and the Three Bears?Here’s some advice on these three styles of parenting from Leslie Kuerbitz of Garland. Kuerbitz has seen it all, from the perspective of being a licensed professional counselor and as an intensely involved mother, who admits she tended to veer toward the “hot” parenting mode.