How To Make a Vodka Spritzer

Seriously? This was one of the days… Vertical video is the new black. Right? I filmed it horizontally for YouTube as well as vertically for Periscope. And? The second camera broke…and well you will see the rest of the chaos if you watch the video. Upside? VODKA people. VODKA. #choas #reallifehappens 

Greyhound Unchained: The Perfect #OscarSmack Cocktail

The only thing I’ve never liked about a twitter party is that we can’t sip and try each others drinks.  <a href=””>Venom Vodka</a> to the rescue!  This week I’m going to share some of the fun drink recipes that we’ll sipping on while watching the Oscars.  Now you can make them yourself and sip with…

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