BlogSmack: Honest Company and #Blogher13

This week in the blogosphere: #Blogher13 In a surprising turn of events, Blogher didn’t announce where they will be hosting#Blogher14. “WTH? We’ve been robbed,” screamed bloggers from Chicago rooftops. Actually, no one screamed anything. It appears no one actually minds waiting. (Except me, WTH?) But perhaps that’s because I took this year off. The real…

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You need Eyedews!

Even if you just use it as an excuse to lay back and rest for 20 minutes! I’m going to dedicate this week to Eye’s.  40 is creeping up fast and they first place it’s starting to show is around my eyes!  I am terrified, so I’m on a quest to stop the aging processes. Last Friday…

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My Post Blogher Wrap Up

Many of you saw my Pre-Blogher Freak out here.  I also did a quick little Vlog while at Blogher here. So Finally,  my post Blogher Vlog.  I know you’ve all been dying to see it ;). Other Blogher wrap up post Mel A Dramatic Mommy Part 1 Mel A Dramatic Mommy Part 2

Pre Blogher Vlog – Anxiety has taken hold

I’ve had anxiety over to pack.  I’ve had anxiety of what wear.  I’ve had anxiety of what parties to go to. I’ve had anxiety over which sessions to go to.  This is my very first Blogher.  I’ve had anxiety over everything!!!  What am I most anxious about?  Meeting all of you!