5 Things You’re Probably Do Wrong In The Shower

Disclosure: The following post has been sponsored by Aveeno®, but all the words, thoughts and dry skin are my own. Showering is such a simple thing.  You get in, you wash and you get out. Believe it or not, there are many things you are more than likely doing that are actually making your shower harmful to…

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28 weeks, hybrid fruit, cult hairspray and my new fave mascara!

So hybrid fruit. When we went to the store this last time I asked my hubby to grab me a bunch of fruit. I can’t get enough fruit. I could put down a whole watermelon if I wanted to. Promise. Anyhow he bought me one Pluot. It is apparently an apricot and a plum hybrid. All I know is it rocked. Mind you it’s priced like a bell pepper or a avocado but it was VERY “delicioso!” as Dora would say