Table Talk: Summer Safety

Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Find out how much your kids know about water safety and more by asking these questions over dinner. This gets them talking and allows you to educate them at the same time. Winner winner chicken dinner

10 Summer Safety Tips for Kids

1. What is the number one rule of swimming?

A: Have a buddy. You should always, always, always have a buddy swimming with you. You should NEVER swim or surf alone.

2. What signal should we use if something is really wrong?

A: Create a signal together as a family that when used indicates an emergency situation.

3. What does CPR stand for?

A: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Schedule a CPR class through the American Red Cross for yourself and your tweens and teens.

4. When you are on a boat, what should you always wear?

A: A life vest. The majority of boating deaths are from drowning

5. When is it NOT ok to dive?

A: Never in shallow water. Water must be at least 12.5 feet deep. Never in above ground pools. Never when you can’t see the bottom because you have no idea how deep it is. Lakes are tricky. The ocean can be tricky too.

6. What is heat stroke? How do you prevent it? What are a few signs?

A: Heat stroke is when the body’s cooling system isn’t working and the body can’t cool down. You can prevent heat stroke by hydrating and avoiding vigorous activities in extremely hot and humid weather. Signs of head stroke include a body temperature of 103°F or more, red, hot or dry skin, no sweating, rapid pulse, headache, dizziness or nausea. If you see someone you suspect has heat stroke, call 911 immediately and do your best to cool them down as quickly as possible while waiting for an ambulance.

7. What should you always put on before going outside in the summer?

A: Sunblock. You might add, “You don’t want to grow up and look like a baked potato do you?”

8. When riding your bike or skateboarding you should always?

A: Wear a freaking helmet. It’s the LAW. Period. You might add, “If I see you riding your bike or skateboard without it, I will chop said object into 100 jagged pieces with a chainsaw. And? I might video tape myself doing it and post it directly to your Facebook wall.”

9. What kind of fireworks should you and your friends buy and set off in our backyard?

A: NONE. Well, ok, sparklers are fine, but that is it. You might add, “You will blow your hand off or worse your face and your friends will post the video on Facebook within the hour. Leave the fireworks to the experts.”

10. Which is better to hold during a lightning storm? An umbrella or a golf club?

A: Neither. Get your butt in the house and stay there until the storm has passed. NEVER be in a swimming pool during a lightning storm. In. The. House. Period.

Have a wonderful and safe summer!

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