table talk: letters, south pole and humor

How many times a week do you sit together as a family for dinner?

We all know that family dinners are one of the most beneficial ways to maintain an open and communicative relationship with our children. Right? Did you also know that they have a major impact on the choices your kids make outside of your home.

According to a survey by Columbia University, teenagers who have a family dinner five times or more a week are 42 percent less likely to drink, 59 percent less likely to smoke cigarettes and 66 percent less likely to try marijuana. The survey also found teens were 40 percent more likely to get A’s and B’s. (If only it would increase their desire to do homework.)

I realize that for most of us, life is busy and we can’t sit down every night for dinner. These questions are also fabulous in the car. Table Talk/Car Convo. Call it whatever you want. The point is simply to talk to your kids and to get them to talk to you. 

But? Getting your kids to talk can be harder than flying an airplane with one wing, a broken engine and no gas. 

There are ways to get them to do it, but it takes a little creativity and some trickery. “Yes” or “no” questions will get you “yes” or “no” answers. 

You: “Did anything interesting happen at school today?”

Them: “No.”

Awesome. Just like that the conversation is over. Below are questions that will inspire your kids to talk. One for each day of the week. Enjoy getting to know your kids better.

This week’s questions:

What is your favorite thing that begins with the letter R?

If you could skip school for a week and try one profession out, which would it be?

Would you rather go to the North Pole or the South Pole? Why?

Who is the funniest person you know?

If you could be locked in one store for 24 hours, which store would you choose? Which would you not want to get locked into?

If eating a piece of broccoli (or whatever vegetable they despise) earned you one dollar. How many pieces would you eat every night?

Would you rather be a famous actor/actress, sports star or musician? Why?

What car do you wish I drove you around in every day?

If you could make a float to be in the Macy’s Day Parade, what would your float look like and who would ride on it with you?

What is the one thing you want to add to your Christmas list this year?

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