Tips for the first time spa goer

After spending a beautiful day at The La Costa Resort and Spa I feel need to tell everyone to go have a spa day. I know many of you have never been and are a little nervous about going.  I don’t want this anxiety to hold you back!  I don’t want you to miss out on this relaxing me time.

Going to a Spa for the first time can be a little intimidating, for a number of reasons.  What do I wear?  How much do I tip?   What do I do once I get there? Once you get there though, it is a great way to relieve all that mommy stress.  Even if it just for a couple hours.

Today I hope that we can help you spa newbies do away with your spa anxiety!

Rock On Mommies Tips

  1. Plan to stay at least 3 hours. Even if you’re only getting a Massage, arrive early, and stay after.  Relax, read, close  your eyes and just enjoy the quiet time.
  2. Bring Hair Brush and Make up (they’ll have everything else you’ll need). Bring everything you need to get ready for a night on the town.  Take a shower after your treatment, blow dry your hair and put on a little make up.  A lot of times I’ll even schedule a blow out at the salon.  You’re going to feel good and look good.
  3. Wear what ever your comfortable in.  So what does one wear to get a massage. I wear my panties, but you comfortable being naked then do it! They’ll provide you a robe to wear around the spa. They’ll also provide you sandals if you don’t bring your own.  I’ll wear my swimsuit if I sit in the sauna or hot tub before my treatment, I’ll jump in the shower and change into dry clothes (panties).
  4. Don’t wear any deodorant or lotions.  They’re going to oil you up, so make sure you head in all showered up, but no added lotions.
  5. Don’t be afraid to speak up.  If you’re not comfortable with a man as your massage therapist, let them know.  If you have an injury, let them know. If you only want them to work on your back, let them know.  BUT if this is your first massage, let them know, but let them do their job. 
  6. Go with a friend. Go with a friend who been to the spa before, especially your first time.  It always helps to have someone’s hand to hold when you’re anxious.

spa tips


La Costa Tips

  1. ARRIVE AT LEAST AN HOUR EARLY to enjoy La Costa’s signature “Agua de la Vida” experience and complimentary body exfoliation. Upon checking into the spa, you will register as a new spa guest and make payment for your service. Gratuities are not included in the spa price, and maybe given at your discretion before or after your service. A 15-20% gratuity is customary.
  2. BRING A BATHING SUIT to enjoy the Outdoor Spa Garden Courtyard which is co-ed and requires use of a robe and/or swimsuit. With your service, you enjoy access to the spa’s facilities for the entire day.
  3. ENSURE TRANQUILITY of the spa environment. Cell phones and smoking are not permitted. Please remember to use quiet spa voices throughout your visit.
  4. CHOOSE YOUR INTENTION. What’s unique about the Spa at La Costa is that you can choose your intention for your spa visit – whether you want to feel indulged, invigorated or inspired. Whichever you choose, your spa experience will be customized to your choice.

Naturally, the more relaxed you are, the more enjoyable your experience will be.

As you are preparing for your spa visit, we recommend bringing comfortable clothes and shoes to wear before and after your spa services.

Plan to arrive at the spa at least an hour early

Upon arrival to your spa will talk with you to discover your preferences or dislikes, while also explaining the details of your particular spa service.

You’ll find that you’ll love the feeling of pure relaxation! After your spa service, your muscles will feel at ease and stress will magically melt away. To prolong the effects – rest and drink plenty of water.

If you have any other questions, let me know!! I’d be happy to answer them for you.

Disclosure: While researching this post, La Costa Resort and Spa did treat me to lunch and a massage.  This place is right down the hill from my house, and it is a little slice of Heaven in my backyard.

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