Songversation: LMFAO Yes

This week I am launching a new column on Ooph titled, Songversation. Once a week I will take a song that your teens and tweens are listening to. I will share the lyrics of the song with you and offer you a conversation that you might have with your son.

Truth is, no matter how much you want to shelter your kids from crass music, you won’t be able to. The radios play it, their friends play it and they are downloading it to their iPads. The only option left is to discuss it with your boys. 

One tip I will give you is this. The only place with access to iTunes in our house is my computer. Therefore every song downloaded is a song I see. This helps me with two things. One. Staying on top of current teen pop culture. And two? I get a really awesome workout playlist. (Which is where I am usually subjected to the horrifying lyrics for the first time. But the beats rock.)

This week’s song is Yes, by LMFAO. I have listened to this song on the radio and enjoyed the beat with the kids in the car. I hadn’t paid attention to the lyrics as it is usually pretty loud in my car between the Can I’s and the Will you’s and the non-stop bickering. This week I was out for a run and the song came on my new hip playlist. 

Every day I see my dream

Every day I see my

Every day I see my dream

Every day I see my dream

Ev-ev-every day I see my dream

Every day I see my

Every day I see my dream

Every day I see my dream


So far, inspiring right?

Every time I dive in my pool

It’s hard to be humble

When I do the breastroke through an underground tunnel

And come up on the other side in a jacuzzi


How cute is that. This guy is successful and I am so proud of him. (I’m totally not kidding. I was thinking in my head, wow, you go on with your bad self.) And then…

Being greeted by two naked models with suds on there booties

They give me hugs and lots of kisses

And they ask me what my wishes

I say go and call your bitches

Cause there’s gonna be a party

Next they wash my body as a team

And then the say “foo your royal penis is clean”

And I’m like…


*Insert the needle across the record sound here* Ummmm. I’m sorry. Come again?


So this is where you can run home screaming that your kids will not listen to this type of crap ever again and that you are going to burn every Apple product you own. Or? Where you could choose to turn it into a songversation. 


Talking Points:


1. I am sure you would never do this, but it is really important that you never call girls, bitches or hos or any other derogatory term. Girls are to be respected at all times. The way you talk about girls is a direct reflection of who you are, not who they are. Represent yourself with class. Treat women with the same respect you would want your mom or sister treated. (You might add, “If I find out you disrespect a girl in any way, I will start posting those special photos I have saved over the years for just such an occasion to your Facebook wall.”)


2. You understand that this guy is either totally lying or he paid those so called “models” to be waiting for him right? Because this kind of thing is not reality. And if it is? You should stay as far away from those “models” as you can. Because it would be pretty safe to assume that they have been real close with a whole lot of royal penises. (You might want to phrase this differently, but that is actually how I talk to my kids.)


Any other suggested talking points? 



  1. says

    Love this new weekly post. You know me and song lyrics… This subject is hard because I love these songs and rocking out with L & L but listening to Lexi sing S&M on the preschool playground is disconcerting. Can you come over and talk to them about chains& whips? I’m a wimp. Also? Lexi asked me why the gut on the radio (Bruno Mars) has his hands in his pants. Another good one for you to cover.

  2. says

    First, I’d think that printing out these lyrics would make any fan blush – either because his penis isn’t as clean as this "foo" – or they realize that it was written on the back of an envelope with a 0% APR offer on the front.

    Second, I’d point out that clearly, this young man was having a dream (see first two stanzas). And dreams are often filled with strange and fantastical situations in which we behave in inappropriate ways. That’s okay. But it’s important to remember that what happens in dreams stays in dreams.

  3. says

    This is a good reminder to really listen to what your kids are listening to. What a great idea to use it for talking points rather than freaking out.

    Just now my son was having me listen to Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz – only this version wasn’t edited. He hadn’t paid attention to the lyrics himself, so it was a good opportunity to talk about music.

    I have my own playlist that my girls aren’t allowed to listen to because it’s the only kind of music that gets me moving.

  4. Red Lotus Mama says

    As you know i am Filipino and currently live with my parents. You might know that Filipinos full heartily support other Filipinos. Bruno Mars is half Filipino, so he counts and my parents listen to him in the car ALL. THE. TIME. Last month my daughter was spending the night at her dad’s house and started belting out The Lazy Song including the word SEX. She has no clue what it means, but she sang it regardless. That was a really fun conversation to have with her father … the man who let’s her watch Two and a Half Men. *head / brick wall*

  5. says

    I know I’m not all that far removed from the teenage years (or so I like to think) and I listened to equally awful music (just about the time 50 cent started P-I-M-P-ing, getting ‘rubbed’ and it isn’t her birthday, and licking the lollipop). I knew the lyrics were completely gross but I understood that it wasn’t real life and is dangerous to your health and reputation to behave that way.Don’t get me wrong, I love me a solid workout play list and I look past much of the raunchiness as a trade off for a few seconds off my mile time but the one that I refuse to listen to is Pumped Up Kicks. I was bopping along (literally) in my car one day and then I actually heard the lyrics… hello Columbine.

  6. says

    Yes. The words of that one are tough. But I am tackling it next week. Why? Because that is one of the catchiest tunes I have heard in years and no way are the kids not going to be listening to it. My boys can’t get enough.

  7. Beth Avant says

    You’ve heard my Katy Perry "Peacock" story.. lol… Funny, I was up until 1 am last night watching "Coming to America" where the "royal penis" line is from.

  8. Alicia Smith-Turley says

    I love that you view these as opportunities for discussion, I am a librarian (and mother of 5) and wish parents would view popular fiction as the same amazing opportunity!
    Great post!

  9. says

    Thanks Alicia. You can either shove or embrace. Shoving alienates. I embrace pop culture. It isn’t going away and my kids will just rebel and do it anyway. This way I can teach them lessons through the chaos. Thanks a bunch for posting!

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