Seafood Jicama Tostada with Avocado Yogurt Salsa

Summer is here and we want something fresh, crisp and tasty!  These Seafood Jicama Tostada’s with Avocado Yogurt Salsa are amazing! Did I mention they’re totally carb free? Yep we use the jicama to replace the tortilla. 

jicama tostada

What’s a jicama? It’s a root and it looks like this…


Now peel it like you peel a potato. Slice (with a very sharp knife or veggie slicer) for your tostada shell or very thin for your taco shell.   Add your favorite chilled shrimp, lobster or langostinos and top with an avocado yogurt salsa. 


Avocado Greek Yogurt Salsa
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  1. 1 Avocado
  2. 7 oz. Plain Greek Yogurt Salsa
  3. 1 tbsp Chopped Chives (more or less to taste)
  4. 1/4 cup Chopped Cilantro (more or less to taste)
  5. 1 Juiced Small Lime
  6. Pinch of Salt
  7. Splash or 2 or 5 of Tapatio Sauce
  1. Mash up avocado and in a mixing bowl mix in the greek yogurt.
  2. Add herbs, lime juice and salt and mix throughly.
  3. Add Tapatio to taste. Start with 3 splashes and add more if needed.
  4. Sauce should not be spicy, just a little kick.
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