Rainy Monday, Major Headache, and 25 weeks… OH MY!

Every Monday at 8:45 for the last 6 weeks you could find me at The Dailey Method here in Carlsbad, but not today.  I am feel incredibly guilty about that too!

As I mentioned before I’ve been very stressed out about this whole being pregnant at 40 thing.  I have been working out and eating better with the hope that when this is all over I can still wear a bikini next summer.   I’m just not ready to give it up yet!

Yesterday morning I dragged myself out of my warm bed and forced myself to class at 9am on a Sunday.  I promptly came home, parked myself on the couch and dozed on and off all day.  I did not have the energy to do anything I had planned for myself.  No cleaning, no writing, no reading, and no getting caught up on anything.

This morning not only did I wake to another rainy morning

but I had a splitting headache as well!  No work out for me this morning and the guilt is weighing heavy on me.

So here I sit at my kitchen table, laptop open, news on and typing away.  I will get caught up today on all my post for the week!  I will fight the desire to crawl back into bed and I will clean my kitchen as well!  Ok, wait, who am I kidding, I’m not going to clean my kitchen, but I will finish my next maternity fashion post and I will finish my review on The Honest Co.

Speaking of The Honest Co. tomorrow we’ll be hosting a video chat with Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan, March 20th at 1-2:30pmPST.  

We’re so excited to join actress, mother and advocate, Jessica Alba and author, former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, and father, Christopher Gavigan to discuss their new family brand, The Honest Company (Honest.com), that offers non-toxic, eco-friendly, adorable diapers, body care, & cleaning products.

All you’ll have to do is be here at Rock On Mommies to join in, so mark your calendars!

Ok, I’m off to get started!