POM Hula Spritzer: Creates a Delicious Summer Cocktail

POM Hula Spritzer: Will it make you a good hula hooper?

This post is sponsored by POM Yum Bunch. The opinions are mine and you don’t have to watch the video of me hula hooping. In fact, you shouldn’t. 

I have loved me some POM a long time. Recently I was introduced to their new Yum Bunch flavors. POM Hula, POM Coconut and POM Mango. I was particularly interested in the POM Hula flavor. Because? I used to be able to hula hoop, when I was young, and now I can’t, because I’m old…er. So I thought, well maybe this is the elixir that will bring back my youth. And my hips. I downed the magic elixir and then I donned my hula hoop and hoped. 

Can POM Hula make a 40ish year old mother of three hula hoop like a 16 year old? 

Good news? You can use POM Hula to make a mean vodka drink that will help me forget I ever made that video. 

POM Hula Spritzer
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  1. 2 ounces POM Hula
  2. 1 ounce Vodka
  3. 2 ounces sparkling water
  4. kiwi for garnish
  1. Mix, drink, forget.
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 I highly recommend you try out the POM Yum Bunch. And? I HIGHLY recommend you NEVER video yourself hula hooping. But if you do, please link to this post. 

POM Yum Bunch
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This post was sponsored by POM Yum Bunch. I suspect they now highly regret that decision. 

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