Please say Please!

Today has been very trying day in our household.  I’m talking Mommy in tears day.  Unhappy, whiney, some what bratty,  2.5 year old and a Mommy with lots to get done don’t mesh well.

Little L is normally a pretty polite little girl.  We have Thank you and Excuse me down to an art, but for some reason we can not figure out how to ask for something nicely or use the word please.  Normally when little L wants something she’ll demand it. “Mommy, I need a drink.” or “Mommy, give me some cheese.”   Even after you correct her and tell her she needs to ask nicely it’s “Mommy, can I ppplllleeeasssee have a drink.”  in a demanding voice.  ARGH!

My husband and I decided that we were going to crack down on this behavior. We decided that from now on if she doesn’t ask nicely or say please she’s just not getting it.  Sounds simple and straight forward.  Guess again!

Today has been one heart breaking  no after another for little L.  There have been dozens of  “I’m sorry, but no honey.  You’ll have to remember to ask nicely next time” proceeded by little L bursting into tears and crying.   I think she’s cried more tears today than she has all year.   By Noon I was ready to break down and cry myself, but I figured nap time was around the corner.  I could make in one more hour.

After Pinkie Dinkie Do (1 o’clock here) she annoyances it’s nap time.   She normally takes nap at 1 so I just figure she was going to make it easy on me today.  Hurray!!!  Oh no, not so easy there.  Nap time was a HUGE fight today.  I probably covered her up or told her to get back down in bed 20 times. She never fell asleep and now we have an Unhappy, whiney, bratty and cranky 2.5 year old.

We’re currently at a stand still.  She’ll demand something, I’ll look at her and she’ll break down into tears.  ARGH!!!  I wonder who’s more stubborn, me or her.  This is by far been the hardest thing we’ve tried to teach little L.