Thank You Card Sheatsheet: Sample Wording for Tweens & Teens

Thank You Card Cheatsheet for Teens and $150 Minted Giveaway

This is a sponsored $150 giveaway from Minted. My most favorite place for all things stationary.  It is that time of year again. Graduation. Thankfully for me, I get to sit this one out, because last year nearly did me in. WARNING: Next year? Another tear-fest. Put it in your calendar. March – September stay […]


Creating Family Memories: Reading, Gaming & Chatting

  In our home there are three things that are mainstays, family conversations, game nights and reading time.  My collections on eBay, Book Nook and Family Game Night, are making those even better. I recently posted this photo of my little one reading with the caption, “There is very little in the world that makes […]

Me and Aunt Rebecca

The Perfect Ending to Your Christmas Meals? Shari’s Berries.

I usually make the deserts for Christmas Eve and Christmas night dinner. Because I am so slammed this time of year, I start making them a couple of weeks in advance and by the time the actual holiday rolls around we all want to puke because we have been eating them for weeks and they […]

eBay Collections.

Collections: Fashion, Remodels…Collect Your Passion

As you all know we have taken our mid-century house down to the studs. We are starting the process now of designing what the Holly House will look like and we decided on a fun combo of Vintage and Industrial. Vindustrial. We wanted to maintain the integrity of the home being built in the 1950s […]