San Diego Firestorm 2014 Photos

It’s Been a Fiery Week

I haven’t been able to write this week as I have been too busy taking photos of giant plumes of smoke, while saying over and over in my head, “I won’t freak out. I won’t freak out.”, and staring at a bottle of chardonnay praying for the moment I can open it and dump a […]

Thank You Card Sheatsheet: Sample Wording for Tweens & Teens

Thank You Card Cheatsheet for Teens and $150 Minted Giveaway

This is a sponsored $150 giveaway from Minted. My most favorite place for all things stationary.  It is that time of year again. Graduation. Thankfully for me, I get to sit this one out, because last year nearly did me in. WARNING: Next year? Another tear-fest. Put it in your calendar. March – September stay […]

200 Girls Are Screaming: Are you listening?

200 Girls Are Screaming: Are you listening? #BringBackOurGirls

There are 200 girls screaming. Right now. Can you hear them? Are you listening? Do not ignore their screams. They need us. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that we can’t do anything to help them. What can moms in the United States possibly do? We aren’t going to be hiking the […]

The Redheaded Girl's Target

The Redheaded Girl’s Target

The redheaded girl was always there. The school wasn’t that big which helped her cause. Yet it wasn’t small either. A rectangle shaped building with halls forming a smaller rectangle inside, classrooms lining both sides. I don’t know why she chose me. What was special about me? Nothing. Not my clothes which were all purchased […]

Missing Teeth: A Redneck Story

Missing Teeth: A Redneck Story

Recently my friends and I were at dinner and we were playing the question game.  It started with one of the gals asking if we had ever known anyone in prison. Know someone?  I was raised by someone in prison. What do I win? Eventually we meandered our way to who has the best redneck […]

My Husband Has Banished Me From WebMD

I do this thing where I diagnose myself with a disease about, oh, EVERY TEN MINUTES.  If I feel the slightest amount of pain in my head, I go straight to visions of me in the hospital and my family standing around my bed and saying, “We told her that cheap red wine was going […]

Taking Stock: Not Making Resolutions. Ask who you will be, not what you will do in 2014.

Taking Stock: Not Making Resolutions

I’m not making resolutions. I’ve tried it. By February, my resolutions are judging me and making me feel less than. I need my life to be more flexible. For example, resolution number one, workout every day for one month. Then I get sick or the kids are sick or my husband is having an affair […]