5 Things We Need to Stop Saying to  Girls

5 Things We Need to Stop Saying to Girls

Guest post from the lovely Theresa Seid.  Can we all just agree that you should never say any of the five things below in front of or directly to your daughter or any young impressionable girl. I bet you can all remember something that was said to you early on that you have remembered forever […]


10 Ways To Make The SAT Relevant To Teens

Guest post by Peyton Price, Suburban Haiku Did you hear about the changes to the SAT? If you ask me, they didn’t go far enough. To really measure the aptitude of today’s teenagers, the testing board should add these new sections. 1. Text abbreviations: Translate this message into a text, using only abbreviations: Mother, I am […]

6 Things I would Tell My 20 Year Old Self.jpg

6 Things I Would Tell My 20 Year Old Self

Guest Post from Linda Wolff At twenty I was like many kids at that age: A youthful mixture of  bravado and immaturity. Every thing seemed SO important. EVERY decision was larger than life. Yet honestly, I didn’t have a clue who I was. In reality, I was just a girl who would struggle with frizzy […]

9 ways you know you are a woman over 40.jpg

9 Ways You Know You Are A Woman Over 40

This one is for all of my friends in their 40s. I caution all of you 30 somethings to stop reading now. You probably shouldn’t know what is coming your way. You know…ignorance is bliss and all.  1. Gray hair. Not just for your head. 2. Your boobs. They need a good shaving. 3. Botox. […]

Parenting Teens? 10 Haikus That Will Make You Laugh

Parenting Teens? 10 Haikus That Will Make You Laugh

If you’ve got teens you will be able to relate to these humorous haikus from Peyton Price.  1. Portrait of my son: A full grown man’s voice shouting “THAT WAS MY COOKIE!” 2. Snuggling on the couch my eyes filling up with tears because he smells. Bad. 3. Teen girls mob a car. They’re squealing! […]

10 Things I Would Tell My Daughter

10 Things I Would Tell My Daughter

  I don’t have a daughter. I have three amazing sons and I honestly never wanted a daughter. My family has a long standing history of mother-daughter relationships that put the dys-func-tion in dysfunction and I am happy to be breaking that cycle. My mother and I were no exception. The worst in the series. […]


Raising Boys: 6 Things That Should Make You Laugh…or cry.

I have been blessed with three beautiful boys. With each pregnancy, I prayed for another boy. When people asked me if I was trying for a girl on the third, I wanted to spray them with a fire hose. Boys are a joy. Here are six things my boys do that make me cackle. 1. […]

10 Rules For Leaving Your Child Home Alone

If you are planning to leave your children alone at home for the first time you should read these 10 things to know first. Ease your child in to their first at home alone experience. A quick run to the grocery store for example.  What Your Kids Need to Know Before You Leave Them Alone […]

You Know You Have a Girl If

You know you have a GIRL if…

I do not have girls, so I asked the expert, Jenna McCarthy, about life with girls. Here is her list. 1. Everything you own is dusted with glitter. 2. You’ve had to justify your pedicure to a four year old. (“Because mommy has a job and you don’t, that’s why.”) 3. Your ability to make […]


You Know You Have a Boy If…

I have been parenting boys for almost 18 years and I have enjoyed every pee laden, penis talking, fart filled day. If you have a son, I know you will be able to relate to the things I’ve listed below. Enjoy. 1. Dirty socks are strewn about your house like glitter. 2. At least daily […]