My Celebrity Crush

This week my husband has been out of town (note to stalkers, he gets home tonight) Colton has had a fever, headache and nasty cough all week causing us both to have sleepless nights. Every evening I have had either two lacrosse games to attend or two practices to get the teens to and from. Two schools every morning for drop off and two for pick up. I have had more work than I could handle under perfect circumstances, let alone these.  


My personal hygiene? Well, let’s just say it has taken a kick in the gut. My patience? Nonexistent. My television? A babysitter. My teens? Getting by with far too much. My dogs? Oh shit. Has anyone fed the dogs?


And then? The MOMfia came around asking, “Who is your celebrity crush?” 


My celebrity crush? That’s easy. 


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  1. says

    Even with greasy hair I think you look pretty fabulous! Personally, I am more partial to Nanny McFee. But my REAL celebrity crush? Britney Spears. It’s not what you think. It has absolutely nothing to do with her music. Actually, truth be told? I don’t like her at all. Her latest single? AWFUL. With lyrics like "You look like paradise and I need a vacation tonight"…I mean really? Are your kids writing your lyrics now because they are as deep as the puddle in my front yard. Despite it all, I choose to follow her every move anyway like some crazed stalker. Why? Next to her, my parenting skills are PERFECTION. I need the ego boost.

  2. says

    You can have Mary Poppins if I can have Maria from The Sound of Music. I’d love for my kids to be all musically! Though now that I think abou tit, Maria was real and is now dead, unlike the magical Mary Poppins, who is very much still alive, and I’m sure still helping desperate families. Hmmm, you might have a fight on your hands. Because? My daughter just tossed a bottle of vinaigrette dressing all over my kitchen (including into my hair, which I won’t wash until tomorrow), and today has been a mellow day in comparison.

    LOVED your vlog!

  3. KidsCause says

    This is the best thing I have ever seen. Seriously. I need to come by here more often. Please tell me to return daily. Thank you in advance.

    Wait. I logged in under my KidsCause account but this is really SurferWife.

  4. Christine Fox says

    Yes, my husband has been home 3 days in March and I so need Mary too! What a great one — give her my number too and we’ll go out for drinks while she doses them up with a "spoonful of sugar."

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