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New Years Resolution, Get Organized!

Every single year millions of us say that we’re going to get organized this year.  Every year we start out with good intentions, but quickly become overwhelmed and give up. This year stop putting so much pressure on yourself and follow these simple rules. 1. Keep it simple! This is not the time to tear […]

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Which one of those new toys are already being recalled?

All the presents have been opened and the kids are knee deep in new toys.  In the next week the recalls will start rolling in!  It happens every year.  This year I downloaded the Recalls Plus app on my iPhone so that I learn about all the recalls as they roll in. Recalls Plus is […]

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MyMemories Digital Scrapbook Review

MyMemories is digital scrapbooking software (and website) for both Mac and Windows (I have a MacBook Pro) that provides the opportunity to make scrapbook items without having to physically purchase  all the scissors, stickers, papers, doo-dads, brads, ribbons etc.  You simply upload your pictures directly onto the site and create a scrapbook-like item.  It is […]

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Brita 4 Kids! Tips on how to keep kids hydrated

We’ve never been big soda drinkers in our house, but around the holidays other sugary drinks and treats seem to show up more. Convincing kids to swap out sugar for water can be difficult.  Convincing them to drink enough can be even harder! All this sugar and sweets can cause dehydration.  A few sign to tell […]


5 tips how to organize your Vanity with the help of Lay N Go

I have an addiction… Well I have lots of addictions, but this one is not only annoys my husband but clutters my bathroom.   I have an issue with buying make up, lotions, hair products, face cleaners, and anything else that promises me I’ll look younger or skinnier.  The clutter drives me nuts! Truth be […]


Holiday Wish List Little Girls ages 4 to 9

I have been putting off posting my Holiday toy recommendations because I wasn’t sure I should split the girls and boys lists.  Some people are very sensitive about the whole gender specific toy issue.  In our house it really isn’t that big of a deal.  While Ellie does tend to lean toward girlish toys there are toys […]

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We’ve teamed up with KinderTown, one of our favorite resources for finding the best educational apps for kids (download their free app for your iPad or iPhone here) to giveaway an iPad mini! The giveaway has already begun and lasts until the end of the day this Friday, November 30th. There are lots of easy ways […]

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Rock On Mommies Holiday Shopping Deals

Most of you are home and just now waking up from your Black Friday Shopping excursions and ready for a little more shopping.   I’ve got some great deals for you! Show of hands, how many of you bought tablets this year or are getting a tablet?  I love my tablet, but I never know where […]

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Trick or Treating Spots in San Diego

Halloween is almost here!  Where are you going to be trick or treating?  There are neighborhood here in San Diego that just aren’t Trick or Treating friendly.  So where does one go if you happen to live in a non-Trick or Treating neighborhood?  Never fear, there are a ton of places for you to go. 1. Little […]