finding your happy

Finding your happy part 2

I did this project a few years ago and loved the reset.  This coming weekend we’re heading to Disneyland for Ellie’s first dance competition.  So it seemed like the perfect week to do it again.   Who wants to join me in finding our happy? I’ve said it before and I truly believe we create […]


Let's talk personal Christmas Registry

Today Monica Lindstrom stops by to talk about why she loves the idea of a Christmas Registry.  Such a great idea for this time of year. Not sure how it works?  Today she’s actually breaking down the Amazon Registry and making it simple to use. You have heard of a baby registry and a wedding […]


5 Things 4 Me, Thank you Laura!!!

This is one of those crazy weeks.  I know we all have them, mine is not worse than yours.  On Sunday night I sat in bed fighting off a panic attack!  I had so many things to do and I didn’t see any possible way I was going to get them all done.  Not getting […]

Silk Latte

Happy Mama, happy kids! Silk Latte is making that happen #TasteSilk

It is no secret that I am not a morning person. I spend the morning rushing around barking orders, begging and pleading for everyone to get ready. Once I’ve loaded everyone up in the car I beg for silence. I hate talking or evening listening to anyone in the morning. Just a little silence please? […]


Pay attention Dads, Moms needs Beats too.

So my next pick for Mother’s Day is  the new beats pill from Beats by Dr. Dre I have secretly been wanting a cool pair of Beats by Dr. Dre.  I just haven’t had the nerve to go in and buy something that cool for myself.  I don’t know if I’m cool enough. Then I got an email from […]


Hey Dads, let’s talk about Mother’s Day!

I’ve  said it before and I’ll say it again, a vacuum cleaner is not a gift.  It is a household appliance.  You buy it because your family needs a vacuum cleaner!  DUH! Through out today I’m going to share a few of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas. Let’s start with one of my favorite […]

zach sleeping tips

8 baby sleep tips that worked for us

Let me start by saying, these tips are what works for us.  They may not work for everyone. They’re also tips for babies that are over 6 months.   Ellie was an AMAZING napper.  That kid would sleep up to 4 hours in the afternoon even until she was 5.  Even now at 6 she […]


I have a new guilty pleasure! SpiritClips from Hallmark.

You know all those Hallmark movies you secretly watch.  Come on!  I know I’m not the only one.  Well you can now watch them online at SpiritClips from Hallmark.   You can even sign up for the 1 week free trial. Isn’t this week the perfect week to try it!! Think of it as my […]

gift guide

How to be a gift giving HERO

I’m so excited! We have the Dan the Gift Editor for (aka Dan The Gift Guru) as today’s guest writer on Rock On Mommies today.  I think he may be the first ever Dad to guest here!  Today he’s going to help us figure out how to master the art of gift giving.  With Valentine’s […]

Baby Sign

Learning to communicate with your baby using Sign Language

When Ellie was a born I was eager to do everything right.  I had a set rules for myself that I swore I’d never waiver from.  You can all stop laughing now.  I waivered, boy did I waiver.   Don’t we all? The one thing that I’m really glad I didn’t waiver on was teaching Ellie […]