Happy New Year, now motivate me!

I have so much to share with you guys, but I’m having a major issue motivating myself! I had a fabulous Holiday Season.  The weather here in San Diego has been amazing.  I had the opportunity to try out the fabulous spa at the Hyatt Grand Champions in Palm Springs.  I have to tell you about our […]


Ellie's new go to iPad app, My Little Pony

A few weeks ago when I was approached my Ruckus Media to host a party for the launch of the My Little Pony App I thought sure! I love entertaining at my house and what would be more fun than a My Little Pony party.  Little did I know that I was about to change my […]


The SITS girls are teaching us to Monetize!

So today I’m going to step away from my normal Fashion, Abode, Health and Lifestyle talk.  Let’s actually talk a little bit about Blogging and how people make money at it. 1. It doesn’t happen over night.  Normally, it doesn’t even happen in a year. 2. What works for one blogger might not work for […]


What I learned at BlogHer11

1st I learned that a FlashMob can make you feel on cloud nine all weekend! 2nd  It doesn’t matter what shoes you wear, your feet are still going to be sore. Ouch, but they were really cute and I’ll wear them again and again! 3rd… Who am I kidding, I have so much to tell […]

Shrek The Musical
Cadillac Palace Theatre

Shrek, from Movie to Musical

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the DreamWorks Animation Campus in Glendale CA.  As a blogger I’ve had the opportunity to attend a number of incredibly cool events.  This one has to rank up there as one of the best!   I mean come on; it’s not every day that a little […]

Journey to Forty

I can not believe in a short 9 month I will be saying goodbye to my 30’s and hello to my 40’s!  I am beyond freaked out!  I have more wrinkles than ever before which I think freaks me out more than anything else!   Follow my Journey by following me on Twitter, My Life […]


Blogher Sponsorship

It’s that time of year.  The blogging world is a buzz with Conference talk.  Which one’s are you going to this year?  Who did you get to sponsor you?  What do I need to do to get a sponsor?   I am over the moon excited that Blogher is coming to San Diego this year! […]


Winter Wreath

I like to think I’m a good mixture between Martha Stewart and Clark Griswald when it comes to decorating the house for the holidays. I love to adorn the whole house in decorations. The guest bathroom has coordinating towels, soap dish, seat cover and rug. The kitchen has lights lining the counter top around the […]


Nacho Mama Happy Crafty Holiday

So it’s getting down to the wire and maybe you can’t bear to hit the mall ONE MORE TIME. Maybe, like me, you have craft fairs or school fundraisers to participate in and you’re at a total loss for something to make. Not to worry! Nacho Mama has an easy, simple craft that virtually anyone […]

Lets Go Mama Mary!

Did you see where Mama Mary from the Mama Mary Show challenged me to a plant off! No? Take a look So she challenged me to a plant off! So I need your help! I honestly have no idea how to keep this plant alive. HELP!