Me! A Mini Van kinda Mom?



The new Nissan Quest sure has me rethinking the whole “I’m not a Mini Van kinda Mom.”

As we all know I not so secretly dream of driving around in a convertible. But for a weekend in December, I was a Mini Van drivin Mama.

Thank you Nissan!  I had an amazing weekend!

I can’t forget my San Diego girls!  Love you guys!

Me, Sugar Jones, Hip Mom, and A Dramatic Mommy.

Thank you Nissan for taking of not only my hotel room, but my amazing massage at the spa!


  1. says

    I’d have to say, as far as minivans go, this one looks pretty convincing. Bite my tongue. I know.

    I’m a midsize SUV/crossover type myself, but the exterior aesthetic and seat positioning (height & leg room in that third row) may have turned me over to the dark side. I’d have to be super, duper, one million percent sure though that no one else could “tell” I was driving a mini until I passed them on the freeway and they saw that it was a Nissan Quest. Ya know?

    Phew! I feel loads better getting that off of my chest. ;D

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