Let them Eat Sunflower Seeds

Spring is almost upon us… and we know what that means. BASEBALL!

Some of us love it, some of our rear ends hurt just thinking about it.  I admit I would be on the later side of that.  But while my bum runs for the hills when I mention baseball season, my pencil sharpener gets happy!  I LOVE keeping the scorebook in baseball or softball! 

Want to know one of my other favorite parts of baseball season?  Sunflower Seeds.

The dugout of every high school baseball team I’ve ever been in contact with has been coated with the little suckers, the hulls anyway.  I first thought, what IS the attraction of these things. Then I knew after about ½ a game.  It’s entertaining.  It occupies your brain while you are waiting your turn at bat or in left field. 

I used to lament them at the same time, though.  They would be in my med bag, in my shoes, in the ice chest, in the water bottles (don’t ask, I have no idea). 

So do you hate them?  Love them?  Tell your son he better not even THINK of buying bag after bag or bucket after bucket, depending on his habit?  Or do you buy them for him?

Turns out, they are actually quite healthy for you, as is evidenced in your local salad bar!

They are packed with Vitamin E, a super awesome antioxidant as well as cancer and heart disease warrior. 

Seleium and Magnesium are also prominent benefits of sunflower seeds.  Seleium has been shown to be important in DNA repair and synthesis as well as an integral part of certain proteins in the liver, the body’s filter.  Magnesium is great for strong bones.  But the Magnesium we get from sunflower seeds during sports participation can also help keep electrolytes balanced and control your nerve impulses. 

So they aren’t all bad.  Annoying?  Messy?  Loud?  Perhaps, but they are also nutritious and better than potato chips. 

So next time Timmy asks you to pick up a bag for him before the game, grab one for yourself too!