La Costa Resort and Spa: My Happy Place.

One of my most very favorite places to visit happens to be right in my backyard. Figuratively, not literally, unfortunately. When my husband and I need a day or two away, we book a room at La Costa Resort and Spa. When I need to spend some time with my girlfriends, we book a room. When I need to remove myself and my kids from a house that looks like it vomited on itself, we book a room.

Vacationing at La Costa Resort and Spa is Nothing Short of Fabulous!

If my husband and I go alone, we spend our day at the amazing spa. (Ranked #4 Spa by Travel & Leisure in North America and #1 by Spa Magazine) I am a big fan of their signature massage thought there are many awesome treatments to choose from. We usually try and have a morning massage, then lunch at the Spa Cafe where I get the same unbelievable chicken salad and a glass of chardonnay every time. It’s that good. We spend the afternoon lying around the private spa pool, enjoying the roman showers, reading peacefully and drifting off to sleep for a much needed, once a year, afternoon naps. Our evenings are spent dining at the Bluefire Grill then stepping outside with a cocktail and listening to live music in the beautiful courtyard.

My girls weekends at La Costa Resort and Spa look much the same, only louder, with less sleep.

Needless to say when we take Colt with us, it’s a very different kind of getaway. Even less sleep, way louder and a BOATLOAD of fun. He has so much fun splashing around in the Splash Play Zone.

Vacationing at La Costa Resort and Spa is Nothing Short of Fabulous!

Clearly, this slide doesn’t suck.

Vacationing at La Costa Resort and Spa is Nothing Short of Fabulous!

I love how manageable the pool space is. Unlike other properties with slides and splash areas, I can sit and relax. It isn’t so big that I am in constant panic mode.

And if you want a little bit of alone time with your hubby in the afternoon (to take a much needed nap or you know…whatever it is you do when you have a little extra time) there is Kidtopia.

The evenings are the same with Colt, dinner at the BlueFire Grill then outside to listen to live music. But? The live music takes on a completely different feel when your seven year old is dancing and running around with delight enjoying the new friends he made at the pool earlier in the day. We all collapse into bed exhausted, then wake up the next day and repeat with vigor.

Whether going to relax with the adults or play with the kids, I highly recommend you book yourself a room. STAT.

Update: La Costa Resort and Spa is running an Instagram contest. The winner gets a three night stay and more at La Costa Resort and Spa. Check it out!