It's a Bird, it's a plane, no it's Zach in a plane!

I absolutely love this plane and more importantly so does Zach.  HABA designed this swing to be used inside or out. Made out of washable polyester it’s very easy to wipe clean, but we don’t let it stay outside.  Here in San Diego the sun is bright and the evening air is damp. That is not a good combination when it comes to outdoor toys. So we bring the swing in at the end of the day. We’ve attached it with carabiner hooks and eye hooks.  I can easily take it down and it’s very secure when it’s up.

The height of the aircraft swing is adjustable. The seat can be adapted to the child’s size with the adjustable straps allowing even very small flyers safe and comfortable rides.  Rather than feeling buckled in its more like they’re hugged into the swing.

It’s recommended for kids 0 -12 months, but I wouldn’t have put Zach in before 4 months.  Please make sure they can hold their heads up on their own.  It will hold kids up to 66 lbs.  So I bet we’ll be using this with Zach until he’s 2.

baby swing


We’ve had other swings in the past and they’ve always been fine.  This just took outdoor time to a whole new level!

The HABA Aircraft Swing retails for $129.99 on the HABA USA website. While you’re over there, make sure you check out their line of toys.  I think I’m getting, I mean Zach is getting the Pirate Tent for his birthday!

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