Is There a TV in Your Child’s Bedroom?

According to a study by Common Sense Media, a San Francisco non-profit group, 42% of children under eight years old have a TV in their bedrooms; 30% of zero to one year-olds, 44% of two to four year-olds, and 47% of five to eight year-olds. 

Is there any way in the wide world of parenting this is true? I am utterly speechless by this study and wonder if I live in some kind of Oophlike cloud that is out of touch with reality. I try hard not to get all judgy when it comes to this parenting thing we do daily, but really? 

I don’t know the circumstances of your life, so how can I judge you when I haven’t walked in your stilettos? However, in my self-imposed life of mom guilt, the one where I pray every night to be better because my child has watched two episodes of Sponge Bob (which is apparently the Satan of all shows), I don’t know where to put this.

Part of me wants it to be true so I can celebrate it and look in the mirror every night and say, “See you aren’t so bad. Your kids watches t.v. in the family room.” Holy guilt reducing news Batman. Sort. Of. On the other hand, I can’t imagine that there is truly any way this study is correct. Is it possible that nearly 50% of children under the age of eight have a television in their bedroom? 

Is there a good reason for this? Something that I am overlooking? In fairness, I think about single moms who work their tooshies off daily, come home and cook dinner, deal with homework and general catch ups of the day. In need of a much deserved break, they lead their kids off to bed where the television awaits to give them a much needed hour to to shower and prepare for the next day. I must admit the thought that quickly replaces my non-judginess is, “Why can’t they watch television in the family room?”

BUT? Is there something fundamentally wrong with a television in kid’s bedrooms? What if they are watching the same amount of television as my kids, only they do it for an hour or so in their bedrooms? Is that different? 

What are your thoughts? Do you have a television in your kids’ rooms? If yes, why? If not, do you think it is bad parenting? 

This post was inspired by a tweet from the fabulous @thebitchinwife. For her perspective, click here