Hey @NCAA Let Joel Bauman Wrestle

Joel Bauman, a wrestler at University of Minnesota, was deemed ineligible this week by the NCAA. Because he committed a crime? No. Because he defaced property? No. Because he used his social media platforms to spew negativity and embarrass his school? No.

Because he made a video inspiring kids. Telling them to put their ones in the sky (you’ll understand after you watch the video). His video tells kids they can be anything they want to be and not to listen to the negative voices around them telling them otherwise. How. Dare. He.

According to USA Today College, the NCAA rules state that student athletes are not allowed to use their name or image for commercial use, including songs affiliated with a music career, according to a statement by Minnesota”s Director of Compliance J.T. Bruett.

You’ve got to be kidding me. He can put his image on any social media site he wants, but he just can’t use it to create music? He hasn’t made a dime off of this video, but I wouldn’t care if he had. I would consider it his job. He has the right to work, right? 

With athletes like these three football players from Alabama being the typical headline news stories by college athletes, you would think the NCAA would be standing on a rooftop chanting WE LOVE JOEL BAUMAN over and over until they were hoarse. Come on NCAA, get with the program, this is your big photo opp with a kid who is doing something to move our world forward. 

If you want the NCAA to Let Joel Wrestle, please RT.