Have you stuck to your New Years Resolution? #vlogmoms

A group of amazing bloggers have decided to get together and do a weekly vlog (video blogging) prompt.  Every week we’ll have a new topic and include a linky so your can see what all these amazing Blogger have to say.

This week, we’re talking New Years Resolutions!

Do you want to join the VlogMoms?  Email me at theresa@rockonmommies.com and we’ll see what we can do.



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  1. julie/just precious says

    I LOVE how you dance at the beginning and end! So peppy! So, for 2010 xmas, my husband gifted me 6 hours with an organizer to organize my cabinets. Seriously, one of my favorite gifts ever!

    I want her to come back and do my office. But I’ll probably need more like 20 hours for that.

  2. says

    Loved your dancing! Such a fun way to start and end your video. :)

    I used to be a professional organizer, so if you have questions hit me up! One thing I always recommend for kitchens is not buying food for 1-2 weeks and eat out of your pantry (after checking expiration dates of course). It can save you a big chunk of money, and you’ll use up all the stuff that’s cluttering up your cabinets.

  3. says

    You are too funny, loved the video – my pantry looks like that too. So far so good with my New Years Resolutions. I’ve knocked a couple of things off the list and am working on a few others at the moment. I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long though and didn’t quit after the first week.

  4. says

    Best. Intro. EVAH!!! (and you got your hair colored purty. LOVE it!!)

    You are one brave lady for showing off those cupboards….cause now I’m gonna judge you for not being all organized like “good” moms….*snort* I can’t stop laughing…..cause oh my word my drawers and desk are the same way.

  5. says

    Like the others, the dancing got me bopping in my seat. Infectious. Your honesty in showing a ‘lived in’ pantry has inspired me to get down on it in my own kitchen. I only claim one junk drawer but I have a junk corner counter for mail, school papers and there could be stuff there from when we moved in 6 years ago. Maybe.

    • Theresa says

      The reason we have so many junk drawer is because my husband will just open a drawer and shove everything into it. I just gave up going around after him! LOL

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