Our visit to the Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa #LaPalomaHoliday

I can’t believe this was a year ago…

A few weeks ago, I gave you a sneak peek of the Fire & Ice event taking place at the Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa during the Holiday season.   This past weekend we actually got to experience Fire & Ice for ourselves and loved every moment!

Ok, I’ll admit it, when I decide to visit a desert resort we normally think Palm Springs or Phoenix.  When the Westin La Paloma approached me about coming for a stay I thought, of course!  It’s only a 1 hour flight from San Diego, what a great location for a quick weekend getaway.

Pulling up to the Westin La Paloma, the kids were getting a little anxious or maybe it was just Zach looking forward to a nap.  Seeing the beautiful cactus Christmas Tree perked them up right away!

Wandering through the beautiful southwest lobby, I had a vision of sitting back and relaxing with dessert later that evening but  the kids instantly wanted to run to the super cute gingerbread house.

The Room

We made our way to the room and were shocked to learn that we would be staying the weekend in a 2 room suite with a crazy view.

la paloma view

Opening the door, tears instantly filled my eyes as we took in everything that the La Paloma staff had done to welcome us and more importantly the Birthday Girl.


If you are traveling with another family, this is the perfect room!  We had friends come in on Saturday to join us and they stayed in an adjoining room which basically made our suite a whole house! We had a ton of room to just hang out and enjoy ourselves.



The Spa

After a quick power nap, Ellie and I took a walk over to the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.


I love that not only was she able to join me for the first time in a spa relaxation room, but while she was off getting her mani/pedi I was getting a massage. We each had our own private quiet time. She felt like such a big girl.


AZuL is amazing!  The menu changes with the seasons so they can keep everything fresh.  There are a few must try’s.  The calamari was amazing, the steak was crazy good and the crab risotto… I’m still craving it!  Beyond delicious!  We’ll also pretend that I didn’t eat most of Zach’s burger.  It was so good and tasted like it came right off of the grill! So good!

For Ellie’s birthday they went out of their way!  She didn’t just get a birthday dessert, she got a whole cake!  Again, beyond delicious!  


We also had a chance to have Saturday afternoon tea.  I loved watching the kids try tea for the first time and eat Tea Sandwiches (they had kid themed sandwiches as well) and dessert.  They tried to use their best manners, but their giggles definitely filled the restaurant. 



Normally, when I mention golf to my husband he jumps! This time I had to kick him out of the warm, comfy bed so he would make his tee time.  In his defense, it was COLD!  By the 2nd hole, I received a text telling me how amazing the course was and that we needed to plan a work/golf retreat.  At the end of the day, he couldn’t stop talking about each hole and what he shot.  I was cracking up!  The Tucson Golf Resort course really is quite beautiful.



The Resort

We can not wait to head back to the Westin La Paloma when it warms up.  Sitting right at the base of the mountain, the views are incredible! All I wanted to do was sit by the pool and sip on a yummy drink!

pool and mountain

I should probably mention there is an adult only pool.  That noise you hear is me cheering this fact!

adult pool

The resort is spread out, so be prepared to walk, but it’s always a very beautiful walk. Every new turn presented a new beautiful sight or view.




We valeted our car when we checked in and didn’t see it until we left on Sunday evening.  We didn’t need it!

Fire and Ice

The moment we walked into the Fire and Ice Pavilion we smiled because it was filled with holiday music, holiday smells, and holiday giggles.  As we walked towards the Hot Chocolate concession stand, Ellie spotted Santa!  It was time for Zach’s first Santa photo!


We have our first Santa picture!!!! Zach may have been saying “Help” lol #lapalomaholiday

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Ok, yes he may have been calling for help, but at least he wasn’t crying.  Right? After Santa, we sat back and watched the skaters and drank our hot chocolate.


Who’s ready for some ice skating? #lapalomaholiday

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It was then time to strap on Ellie first pair of ice skates.  She caught on so fast that she was literally skating circles around her Dad and I was cracking up!  Then it was time for S’mores! How can you go wrong with S’mores?

Don’t worry!  You still have a couple more weeks to try it out yourself!

Thank you so much Westin La Paloma for hosting us!  We had such an amazing time and can’t wait to see you in the spring!!!

Disclosure – We were treated by The Westin La Paloma, but all the resting, relaxing, laughing and eating were done by me!

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