Family Chatter: Get Your Kids Talking Today – Week 51

How do I get my kids to talk to me?

Listening and talking are learned behaviors. How your children will communicate with others and you is something they are learning from you.

Great family fun with these 400+ questions. Free printable for those on the go.Are you talking with and listening to them every day? About things that don’t matter, not just peppering them with questions? Is your homework done? Is your room clean? Did you do what I asked you to do?

Start young and create an “atmosphere of conversation” in your home.

When they are teens it is UNBELIEVABLY important that they trust you to listen when they talk. They need to be able to come to you and talk about both the meaningless and the meaningful.

I am 17 years into parenting and my teenagers talk with me. Often and about all topics. The reason they do is because I have been talking, asking and listening to them for years. Talk with your kids, do it often, you will reap the rewards when it matters most.

It’s always a good time to talk with your tweens and teens about giving back, however there is something about the holiday season that makes it even more important. This week on Ooph you will be provided with a couple of ways to help your kids give back to others. These questions are a good way to get started. Enjoy getting to know your kids.

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Table Talk Week 51 Over 500 fun questions to get your kids talking today!