Do you spank?

As a child my brother and I were spanked.  We weren’t beaten, but we were spanked.

I don’t believe it effected me in a negative way.  I wasn’t ever a kid to hit other kids.  I never got into physical fights. I definitely wasn’t a bully.  I did however fear getting spanked and that helped me make the “right” decision many times.

I’ve read a number of studies out there that say parents should not spank their kids.


So what do you think?

I definitely have my personal opinions about this one. While we aren’t a family that make spanking a regular punishment, Ellie has been swatted on the bottom before.

There’s a thought out there that kids shouldn’t fear their parents.

What do you think?


  1. j-ro says

    Children of younger ages are NOT rational creatures. Every child is different. Some you can say “No” once, Some they get it after repeated times of being told and some children just by nature are defiant and you need to catch their attention. I didn’t ever plan to spank Mason however I also didn’t have to do it very often. He was diagnosed with ODD= Oppositional Defiance Disorder and GDD= General defiance Disorder……………..He was the epitome of an unruly child, destructive,violent and harmful. I tried EVERYTHING! Time outs?? PFFT yeah ok, Positive reinforcement–yeah I tried, Taking his toys away? he would just find other things to throw and climb on radiators and bang on windows……..I took him to doctors, psychiatrists, children psychiatrists, counselors, the IU department…………Finally one day when he was four, He was flipping out and causing harm to me physically, I said “ENOUGH!!” and turned him over and spanked him. Not hard, just enough to catch his attention………..From that point on it was a whole nother reality as to the fact that MOMMY was in charge. I think maybe only once or twice after that I had to spank him again but it worked.

  2. says

    I was also spanked as a child, and neither did I grow up to be a bully nor did I get into any fights.
    I have spanked my kids a few times, but it’s not something I do often; only when I feel it’s required.
    While I have nothing against spanking, I do feel it can be easily pushed to the next level and
    become just hitting a child. I believe punishments, like anything else that has to do with parenting, should be done according to what fits right with each family.

  3. says

    I agree will all, but I am with j-ro and Marina. I was spanked as a child. My mother could take me places and know I was well behaved. I had a respect for her and a other adults that most children and youth today do not. My own children have been spanked when their behavior was over the top and well deserved. And they love and respect me today. They do not fear me but know I am MOM and in charge, what I say goes. I am their friend now, but I am their mother first and a friend secondary. I like my mother, never had to worry my children would act up in public and be annoying to those around them. Be disrespectful to others. Even today my 22 year old daughter is appalled at children running through stores yelling and or throwing fits (healthy children with out special needs) just acting up because their parents do not want to parent. My son has dealt with bullies because he stepped up in class when his fellow classmates were being disrespectful to the teacher and disruptive. I feel we try TOO hard to be our children’s friends and give them too many too many rights and privileges… and look at what is happening… I say a swat works.

  4. says

    I was spanked as a child, but not too often. I feared my parents…….in a good way. I guess as an adult, I should say I respected my parents. On the otherhand, my youngest sister got lots of spankings and she walked as if she ruled the house. She was fearless of spankings, maybe her butt was made of steel.
    So, basically I agree that each child is different and the approach will need to be adjusted. I have a 4 yr and I am still trying to figure out the best approach, no spankings yet. But, we will see how that goes over time. :)

  5. Lorrie Sandoval says

    I think spanking should be uncommon in a house, but always there as a punishment for behavior that is really over the top. I’d give this example: My eight year old son, Ben, had been told many times how dangerous fire was and never to play with matches. One day, his father and I caught him outside with a friend using matches to light off some fireworks the friend had brought with him. To make matters worse, they were sitting in a field covered with dead weeds that were a real fire hazard. With my approval, my husband marched Ben into the house took him right over his knee, dropped his little pants, and spanked him good. As a mother, it was hard to watch, but I’d rather a child have a sore bottom than be badly hurt or killed as a result of a fire. Maybe there were other ways to deal with it. However, a spanking made the point quickly and effectively. Our kids don’t get spanked often, but it does happen when we see really bad behavior.

    I don’t recommend parents spank with objects. However, my mother wasn’t afraid to whip me with a belt when she thought it was necessary. I’ve never held it against her either. She was selective and only did it when I had done something seriously wrong. I’d rather have been raised the way I was than be raised the way so many out-of-control kids seem to be these days. In my mind, failing to discipline kids can also be real child abuse. The child, and all of society, pay when parents won’t do their duty.

    • Dan says

      when I was 8 years old I was told not to go into my uncle’s barn with sparklers. we were celebrating the 4th of July. However, I disobeyed my mom’s instructions and went in and burned the feathers on a chicken. My brother saw me do this and reported it to my mother.

      She gave me several hand spanks over my clothes and put me in the car to wait for the rest of the family. When we got home, she took me up to my room, got me undressed for bed, but before putting my pajamas on, she put me across her lap and paddled my little hiney with the hairbrush good and proper.

      I never pulled a stunt like that again. I hated the spanking, especially with the hairbrush on my bare hiney. But it taught me a good lesson

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