dear glee sex pots

You should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope you are, but I suspect instead you are relishing in the attention. No thought given at all to the message you have sent to our tweens and teens.

Are you sitting around giggling about how sexy you looked when you spread your legs in the high school locker room or sucked your lollipop half dressed in the hallways of a high school. Or? About how smokin’ hot you looked getting all frisky in the classroom with that yard stick and paper fight?

Oh. I get it. You are adults, who have the right to be sexy and pose half naked if you like. Very true. And? I am sure there are plenty of men sitting alone in their bathrooms with your GQ spread that are quite happy you did.

But me? As the mother of three boys. Two teenagers. I say, your decision to sex yourself up as “teens” in a high school setting is irresponsible and disgusting. If you felt compelled to get mostly naked and pose for GQ, could you not have done it in an adult setting? You know, like a brothel.

A tricky thing about being an adult is that whole, exercising common sense, being an example for children, thinking of others instead of yourself. Pondering what impression you want to leave on the world after your burning flame of fame has been extinguished (and if you are like most of Hollywood, that won’t be long).

Did any of you, for a brief moment think, “Wow. This whole posing like tramps in a high school setting is probably not a great example for the tweens and teens that look up to us?” Anyone? Bueller?

Did you think about the message it sends? About sex? About body image? You have a platform to do things that make a positive impact on kids. But? Instead of giving a teenage ounce of angst about that? You sold out and went for the fame and money. Not shocking I suppose. It is Hollywood after all. Why should you set yourselves apart?

Unfortunately, you have added yet another conversation into the homes of teens and tweens across this country. You have made mothers’ jobs of protecting their children and keeping them innocent as long as we can, that much harder.

But? Who cares. Right. Because? You are much more famous now, then you were a week ago.

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