How we deal with potty talk

This morning I was invited down to San Diego Fox 5 to talk about kids and potty talk.  You know that moment when you, normally a chatty person, goes blank?  Yep, that was me this morning. UGH!!!  Regardless, I still have a few ideas to share with you on how you can deal with potty…

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Learning with #ABCMouseKids

When Ellie was a toddler I was constantly looking for a good online learning program. I wish I would have known about then!  I’m excited to start using it with Zach in a couple of years. Ellie, who is in Kindergarten, is just on the verge of it being to easy with her, it’s…

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Teaching kids about personal responsibilities Chore Chart Printout

In our house we have chores, but we also have everyday personal responsibilities   Things like brushing our teeth, cleaning our rooms and anything else that we need to do to take care of ourselves. After Ellie had become pretty good at managing her personal responsibilities we started giving her chores and started rewarding her with an allowance.  Some…

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#VlogMoms – This week we talk parenting advice!

Week 3 and I’m running way behind!  No dancing, no make-up, no lighting, and no good camera this week.  You’re getting me in the raw! This week’s topic, What was the worst and best parenting advice you got when you were first pregnant?    

Dance Baby Dance

I love dance. No wait… I LOVE DANCE!! I’ve spent most of life dancing, performing for anyone who would pay attention. It wasn’t until I moved to San Diego 6 years ago that I stop professionally performing. Now I just put on shows around the house. From the moment I found out I was having…

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Get Your Kids Up and Moving!

Have you made your New Years Resolution to eat better and to work out more? What about your kids? According to the CDC, Childhood Obesity has tripled over the last 30 year.  TRIPLED!  We all know about the horrible diseases associated with obesity, so I’m not going to get into that. But here is some…

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