Back to School Contract 2016

Get your kids ready and focused and alleviate arguing with the back to school contract.

Want your children to become perfect little angels who never argue and do everything you tell them to do? Yes? Then don’t have children. But. The contract below will get you closer to that lack of reality. With just a few weeks left until school starts, we will begin the mad dash of getting the paperwork filled…

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To Sleepover or Not To Sleepover?

I have always thought sleepovers were a right of childhood passage. What could be more fun than ditching your dorky parents for your besties’ cool ones? Snuggling into bed at night with a friend next to you and staying up half the night talking, the stuff of childhood memories.  I have allowed my boys to…

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4 Ways to Teach Your Daughter to Speak Up & Out

One the hardest things for a parent to do is to speak to their child of the evils of the world. It’s far harder to send them out into it, knowing that at some point, they will be witness or subject to some form of discrimination or violence.  Unfortunately, we can’t shelter our children forever — the…

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