10 Ways to Prevent Cyberbullying

10 Ways to Prevent Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has become an epidemic. It leads to isolation, depression and suicide. Below are ten ways Detective Sgt. Tom Rich you can help your teen prevent cyberbullying.  1.  Educate yourself: To prevent cyberbullying from occurring you must understand exactly what it is.  Research what constitutes cyberbullying, how and where it occurs, and talk with your friends […]


Are your kids Snapchatting?

Have you heard about the fun new app Snapchat? Your kids have and chances are they are using it. I must say there is great appeal in the silliness of it. Though most of my adult friends aren’t using it (perhaps they are more mature than I). If you are an adult and want to […]


Cell Phone Contracts? Thoughts from a Teen.

I recently read the story of the mom who gave her son an iphone for Christmas along with a contract outlining her expectations of him with the phone. I found it to be quite brilliant, humorous and from a mother who genuinely cares about her son and how he grows up in this crazy world […]


Win an MG Handheld & Save Your Child’s Innocence

Do you wake up every morning and think to yourself, “I can’t wait to let little Timmy use my smart phone today?” If so, discontinue reading now. This post is a waste of your time. I despise sharing my phone with the kids. D-E-S-P-I-S-E. Mine. Mine. Mine. But? Sadly, I do because it’s better than […]

A Great Cell Phone For Kids

My oldest son got his cell phone when he turned 13 and not a day sooner no matter how much he begged and bribed. That was four years ago. My second son got his cell when he was twelve, BECAUSE he begged and bribed. That was three years ago. My third son, who is six, […]

Video Games: Is your son addicted?

I have had a long standing love hate relationship with video games. Over the years they have been an unbelievable free sitter when I needed a break. Also? A horrible distraction from all things in the boys’ lives. Homework. Chores. Family time. Eating. There was a time when I was pretty convinced my oldest son […]