PSA: Talk To Your Teens About Binge Drinking

club m martini

Do you talk to your kids about drinking? Do you tell them you hope they don’t drink? Do you stress that if they do drink they are to take a cab or call you for a ride? Probably. Has it ever occurred to you to talk to them about how to drink if they choose…

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Alive with Brain Damage: Synthetic Drug Use

Emergency Room

  “Teen narrowly escapes death after smoking synthetic marijuana,” is the CNN headline. This story’s happy ending is that she is alive, but it is marred by the fact that 70% of her brain is dead. Emily ended up in the hospital after smoking synthetic marijuana. Not a drug she purchased from a shady drug…

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Watching “Adult Content” Is Rewiring Your Son’s Brain


  What percentage of teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 do you think have viewed pornography on the internet? Twenty percent? Forty percent? Is that too high? According to Salvo Magazine and a study by, the answer is a shocking 80 percent. And? They did not view the porn one time. They confessed to viewing…

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it’s all the rave


Warning: This post isn’t nearly as long as it appears in the mirror. There are a lot of definitions that you can scan. But. If you have a teen or a child that will be soon, you MUST read this post and inform yourself on this topic. Because guess what? It isn’t going away and…

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the glamour of teen pregnancy

Think your teenager won’t have sex? Flip a coin. Those are your odds. Almost 50% of all teens confess to having sex. Have two kids? Odds are one of them will. Guess how many teenagers get pregnant every year? Bet you weren’t even close. It’s 750,000. Three quarters of a million teenagers get pregnant. EVERY….

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teens and birth control

The day I turned 13, my mother took me to Planned Parenthood. I. Was. MORTIFIED. You are going to do what? With that what? For the next five LONG minutes, I thought of Dorothy and flying away in a twister and arriving somewhere over the rainbow. With little people offering me treats and talking animals…

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and now we’re here

Last year, as a freshman, Keenan had absolutely ZERO desire for a social life. He was content to play Xbox, check other peoples’ social lives on Facebook, beat up on his brothers and hang with a few close friends that were content doing the same. And I? Thanked my lucky stars. Every. Single. Day. This…

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