Sample Thank You Card Wording For Kids


Thank You Card Cheat Sheet for Kids It’s the holiday season and your kids have Thank You Cards to write. Here are some to help make it go smoothly for all of you. Upon receipt of a gift, your kids need to write a handwritten Thank You Card to express their gratitude. These work for birthdays, graduation and any…

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Invisalign: How to Handle Pain & Discomfort

Invisalign 10 Things My Teen Wants Your Teen to Know

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Invisalign. This is Keenan’s fifth month using Invisalign. The novelty has definitely worn off and he is starting to ask…often, “Are we there yet.” Not. Even. Close. Bud.  While he hasn’t had a lot of pain using the Invisalign trays (which is much different than my 17…

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7 Reasons Kids Should Exercise

7 Reasons Kids Should Exercise That Have Nothing to do with the Way they Look

Exercise is a MUST in my house.  I have always insisted my kids play sports because that is the easiest way to get exercise. My caveat to that is if they choose not to play a sport they have to find another way to get exercise. Like going for a run. None of my boys…

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