10 Ways To Make The SAT Relevant To Teens


Guest post by Peyton Price, Suburban Haiku Did you hear about the changes to the SAT? If you ask me, they didn’t go far enough. To really measure the aptitude of today’s teenagers, the testing board should add these new sections. 1. Text abbreviations: Translate this message into a text, using only abbreviations: Mother, I am…

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How to Prepare for SAT/ACT

Tips to Prepare Your Child for the SAT/ACT For high school juniors, seniors, and their parents, this time of year can be ominous as the dark cloud of the SAT or ACT loom on the horizon, with so much pressure riding on one 4-hour test. However, with the proper preparation, students can alleviate the stress,…

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SAT and ACT Preparation

MomSmack's To Tweet or Not To Tweet: This week's Twitter Drama

What to Look for When Searching for an SAT/ACT Prep Course It’s finally that time. Time to prepare for that necessary evil in the college admissions process: the SAT/ACT. With so many prep options, what should you look for when choosing a course for your child? Here is a list of things to look for…

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Every 26 Seconds a Teen Drops Out of High School


At the age of 41 I still get asked a couple of times a month where I attended college. It happened just last night. “I didn’t,” I quietly answer and then shout, “ICE CREAM TRUCK,” and start whistling the catchy ice cream truck ditty to distract and avoid the shocked looks, the awkwardness that comes…

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5 Easy Tips to Help Your Teen Explore Careers

“What do I want to be when I grow up?” This question is on the mind of every teen, but the answer isn’t always clear. As a parent, your teen may look to you for guidance—in fact, 78% of teens list their parents as their main source of career advice  CONSTRUCT MY FUTURE So how…

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How to Tell if Your Child Needs a Tutor

Make Money Blogging With Massive Sway

The education environment has become an increasingly competitive place, and now more than ever parents are seeking additional support to ensure their children are successful in school. With school starting again in just a few weeks, it’s a good time to review some behaviors parents can watch for once their child starts back to determine…

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How to Avoid Summer Brain Drain


GETTING YOUR KIDS BACK IN THE SCHOOL MINDSET As students plan to go back to school in the next few weeks, studies show that they will be on average, roughly one month behind where they performed in the spring, particularly in math.    As we progress deeper into the dog days of summer, there is…

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a call to action

Waiting for Superman is a must see for all parents. Don’t bury your head in the sand and forget this movie. It isn’t acceptable to ignore this issue because we live in Suburbia and it isn’t “our” problem. Oh. It is. It very much is. Go see the movie. See what happens to children who don’t…

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Homework. The bane of parents’ and kids’ existence. I hear complaints constantly from other moms. “These kids have so much homework. How are we supposed to find any time for family life?” Or from the kids, “Homework sucks.” And you know what? I don’t disagree with them. Homework does suck. But? It is here to…

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